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Oh the babies, how quickly they grow up!

A couple of times now, I've seen Petr stop at center ice, then raise his arm straight up into the air and look around. At first I thought it was his very enthusiastic way of indicating that he was going to get off the ice, but both times he stayed on the ice, so... I don't know. Maybe he just really has a question for teacher.

But more importantly, what a night for the Sharkies! Patty all grown up, first with a baby, and now with 200 goals. I cry inside (and outside). And a couple of babies with their first goals! Marc-Edouard stepping in on the PP and doing what he did at the Rookie Tournament. He got over 25 minutes of ice time, the most among defensemen! Pavelski with some nifty moves and good defensive work too, getting back to prevent Anze from finishing his deke-o-rama and saving a goal. He got over 16 minutes of ice time, 3+ minutes on the power play. Not too shabby for his NHL debut.

It's times like this that I really appreciate Ron Wilson for giving guys chances, no matter how young or inexperienced they are, and rewarding them for playing well.

[Edit: Each team last night had a Thornton, a Brown and a Murray. Heh.]

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