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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What the fuck am I doing here?

So I'm not quite sure how I ended up with an LJ.

I think I was trying to get something else done, and ... umm, well, I'm also not quite sure how I ended up with 4 tickets to the pre-season Avs vs. Sharks game. But I'm very excited - it'll be my first hockey game ever! And if I can get someone to teach me how to say it properly, I'm going to yell, in Swedish, "Strip, you sexy thing!" in the general direction of the players' bench. Maybe I can unnerve Foppa.

Given that LJ is open source, and given that I'm a geek, I will probably download the source code at some point and check it out. :)

Chip's birthday fic is going well. I hope he likes it. It's probably going to take me another 20 hours to finish. *twitch*

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Shout it, Mae, and I'll love you as long as I live. Not like I didn't before.

Hmm, that sounds kinky and weird. But unnerve Foppa, that'd be great!

Thanks very much to Fi and Bjorn, the phrase to be shouted will be "Visa Roven!", meaning "Show your ass!" This would most likely unnerve Foppa.

On the other hand he might actually hear it, understand it, and comply. This would most likely unnerve 17,000 fans.

LOve that pic of Sunny!!

I love it too *grin* (Thanks, Nadia!)

LOL Nadia has the best pics *grin*

Ooh the fellow harley babe is here *grin* Welcome to the insanity *gg*

And I love your icon ;)

Hi Arami, thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it! :)

You are gonna have SO much fun at the hockey game :)

And yes, you are a geek, but we love you anyway. *Hugs* I'm glad you finally got an lj so I can keep up with you more!

Thanks, Flan! I'm still not sure why I have this LJ, but I do. *grin*

And the hockey game should be, interesting, when I yell "Show your ass!" loudly in Swedish. :)

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