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What the fuck am I doing here?

So I'm not quite sure how I ended up with an LJ.

I think I was trying to get something else done, and ... umm, well, I'm also not quite sure how I ended up with 4 tickets to the pre-season Avs vs. Sharks game. But I'm very excited - it'll be my first hockey game ever! And if I can get someone to teach me how to say it properly, I'm going to yell, in Swedish, "Strip, you sexy thing!" in the general direction of the players' bench. Maybe I can unnerve Foppa.

Given that LJ is open source, and given that I'm a geek, I will probably download the source code at some point and check it out. :)

Chip's birthday fic is going well. I hope he likes it. It's probably going to take me another 20 hours to finish. *twitch*
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