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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Holy shit, .500???

Hey, some of you are still Hasek fans, right? I uploaded an interview with him.

So uhh, the Philly game. Well, the Sharks played better than they did on the road trip, rebounding well (insomuch as you can rebound from 3 wins of 4) but still playing fairly average. The score (6-1 after 2) was mostly due to umm, the Flyers doing pylon impressions (sorry Flyers fans).

I watched part of the Michigan/OSU game because it had been so hyped and... I was pretty disappointed. Like I know the quality of play isn't as good as the NFL obviously, but it was so bad. :( And I'm from another country with only 2 universities where sports is practically non-existent, so I don't get college history/pride, etc. :P

Oh, 49ers. 3-game winning streak = madness. 10 games in, they've already reached my optimistic prediction of 5, maybe 6 wins, for this season! Frank Gore and the offensive line are my heroes.

I've been drinking the same cup of chai latte for 4 hours. It's so good. Why do the French make the best food/beverages? Damn them.

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also with apologies to Flyer fans ...

Derian Hatcher = Pylon

but he is very gracious ...

Okay, the "gracious" comment makes me nervous. Have you had any kind of personal encounter with him?

Okay, first of all, he touched you.

Secondly, why would you... go out of your way to be touched by Hatcher???

I scrubbed ...!!

It was the irony of the thing ... that he was there and I find him horrifying ... and because I could ... it was hysterical - really!!

I guess there's something to be said for facing fears...

Like I know the quality of play isn't as good as the NFL obviously, but it was so bad. :(

Wow. I don't even know how to react to that...

To add: (too quick with the post button *g*) I guess it's all about perspective. I totally can't see where you're coming from and no amount of explaining on my part could probably ever get you to see our end.

Biggest rivalry in sports aside, the game was good. Smith basically sealed the Heisman, but the Bucks totally shouldn't have allowed that last Meeeeshigan TD. ;)

The Sharks would of played better but they were tainted by Phillys Hatcher!!

Okay now I want chai latte, so good=)

I'm glad they didn't run up the score further, I get very scared for players' safeties when things like that happen.

It is! Especially from this French place. I wonder if they put crack in it.

yeah college sport i don't get it, it's like not as good as the pros but people are insane about it. it's like talking to people who like marginal hockey players.

No cujo is a good goalie! stfu. and take andy ference with you.

LOL!!! See, I think if I'd gone to a football-mad school and had actually followed sports at all, I could probably get into it and the level of play wouldn't bother me. But yeah... no emotional attachment.

*grin* Everyone seems like a star if you only focus on their best game of the year.

I haven't had chai in a long time.

I think my prediction at the beginning of the season was 6 wins...now I'm incredibly optimistic and hoping that we'll finish at .500! I don't know about our chances in New Orleans and Denver, but we should definitely do well next week...I'm just so happy that they're playing decent football again after how they've been the past few years.

I missed Michigan/Ohio State but I did catch the second half of the Louisville/Rutgers game a couple weeks back, which I thought was pretty exciting. I didn't go to a four-year college so I never really got into that whole atmosphere, but sometimes it's fun to watch. I'll probably watch Notre Dame/USC if I remember.

Re: I haven't had chai in a long time.

We have a relatively easy schedule remaining in terms of the teams, but 4 of 6 games are on the road. St. Louis and Seattle will be extra motivated to avenge losses, I think. Hope that the 49ers don't get overconfident. Ha! Who would have thought that the 49ers would get into a position to be overconfident. :P

I think New Orleans would be an easier matchup than Denver. They're running out of steam a little bit after their hot, emotional start.

I can appreciate that the Michigan/OSU game was exciting, for various reasons, but they just didn't play a high level of football, which is why I can't get into college football in general. I don't have any emotional attachment to any teams, so I don't really care, so I can't enjoy it.

I like Hasek. :) You're such a wonderful source of interviews and clips! I salute you!

And chai latte is, in fact, crack.

Yay, I'm glad you're enjoying them! :D Hopefully, they won't be taken down now that YouTube and the NHL have a partnership. :\

Aaaagh. By February 3rd, 2007, everyone will have a partnership with YouTube. :\ This is my prediction. But it seems like as soon as one copy of something goes down, someone else puts it up, or puts it back up. So long as they refrain from actually fining or punishing people who post things, it's still good, it'll still last at least a few days. And more likely a few weeks/months. Comedy Central cracked down, and a ton of stuff is gone, now, but it's always back. And some stuff has yet to be found. :) So I take heart.

So good luck to you! Kudos and such!

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