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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

I've finally gotten around to reading Fables by Bill Willingham, and I'm only a couple of issues in but I really like it so far! It's about fairy tale characters living in modern day New York City and mixes the magical and mundane very well. Thanks for the recommendation, adgy! :)

Well, that was a very questionably successful road trip for the Sharks. Successful because we got 6 out of 8 points, and questionable because we were bad in all 4 games. That's a weird feeling! Winning in games where we played bad. :P Hopefully the boys will be motivated to make up for it when they play the Flyers, who are coming off an obscene, almost pornographic, goal outburst against the Ducks. Oh yeah, they were supposed to be motivated for the Avs game. :P

I love Nabby's inspirational post-game comments:

"We got the win, it was ugly and it wasn't the best road trip but we got 75 percent out of it," said Nabokov, who made 40 saves as the Sharks surrendered a season-high in shots.
``To be honest, in the third period I thought I was running out of gas,'' Nabokov said. ``It's the first time I've kind of felt the altitude in Colorado, even my first game.''
"If I was facing this power play, I don't know what I would do," Nabokov said. "I don't want to give out the secret to you, but I don't think there is any solution to it."

And because, I haven't talked about Petr's crotch in a while...

To quote greatkate, the rookies are mesmerized by Petr's crotch.

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Hahaha. It's like they're startled, but they can't look away! Which is probably about right . . .

Jacques was looking around a bit (but always returning to Petr's crotch), but Winchester was staring the whole time!

You're welcome!!! :)

And, hey, thanks for letting us win a game!

I borrowed them from the library so I'll be getting my own copies soonish, I think. I love the panel where Bigby's going up the stairs and you can see his wolf shadow. :)

Hee, the Kings played really well that game! They deserved the win.

it still hurts to see petr in an oilers uni.... but man. that's some crotch!

I'm just happy that he's showing that last season was an anomaly, and not a slow decline or something. :P

arugh, they totally overworked Nabby out last night 43-26?! if it weren't for him, we would have gotten totally slaughtered! :( I know what you mean though, about "happy" about the wins..but damn they played like crap and somehow pulled wins outta their asses.

LoL when I saw the score for the flyers ducks game i was like....uh are they sure they didn't get the teams mixed up....?! ... :/

...that is a classic crotch shot. LoL

Good goalies win games when the team plays bad. :D

Now that the Flyers have won two in a row, hopefully the Sharks will focus even more. I'm also wondering if the constant line juggling is taking a toll on the boys. It could be a vicious cycle, play badly, then get put with a different line, have no comfort level with them, play worse, leading to more line juggling.

The thing that sort of heartens me about the score for the Flyers/Ducks game is that the shots were something like 41-16 in favour of the Ducks. This tells me they really depended on their goalie in that game, and that there were elements of luck in the goals they scored.


oh god what is in Petr's pants? Im not even joking anymore? is it a funny shape? why does he have so much trouble? he grabs his nuts more than a rapper! we know it works, you knocked her up! not get your hands out of your damn pants!

and those fables books look awesome, I'm going to have to check them out.

I think it's like his security blanket. I have photographic evidence of him in his baby days giving himself a big heft while on the ice for the starting line up. Maybe it reassures him.

or at least take them off! actually, preferably take them off....

this fan fic may have spoilers about fables


hahahaha, I had this bookmarked ages ago, is there where it is from? I thought the author wrote her own cool alternate fairy tale universe, i should have read the header more carefully!

Re: this fan fic may have spoilers about fables

It is! I like it. :)

To explain a bit, the protagonist is Bigby Wolf, aka the Big Bad Wolf of Three Little Pigs fame. To nitpick a bit, his father is the North Wind, not the West Wing. :P

The backstory is that there's an enemy known only as the Adversary, who's basically the equivalent of Sauron who's conquering all of the fairy tale lands, killing and enslaving along the way.

Bigby notices Snow White as she's being marched along with slaves, and falls in love with her because of the way she smells and kills the slave guards to free her, then leads her to the gateway to the "mundy world", i.e. our world.

He sticks around in fairy tale land for a while, killing the Adversary's minions, but eventually almost all the lands are overrun and he escapes to the mundy world and lives in the woods for centuries until Snow White comes to find him and gets him enchanted so he can assume human form and go to live with them in the New World.

As for the Goldilocks thing, she's kind of an insane political activist with a bestiality kink and armed to the teeth who tried to kill both Snow White and Bigby.

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