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Kyle McLaren scoring goals?

I don't have any dedicated Kyle McLaren or Matt Carle icons yet! They'll have to share. I should make an animated one of the McLaren hit on Letowski or Cajanek. :P

Went to the Penguins game last night with lastcatastrophe *SQUISHES* and sat with tersa and caitlin. We ate at Original Joe's, favourite restaurant of many Sharks players! before the game and went to Ice Insights, which is this Q&A thing for season ticket holders. Ron Wilson and Greg Jamison (what is he? President? CEO?) answered questions. He's scawwy. Then we got to rubberneck at the widdle Penguins as they got off the ice after warm up and walked back to the locker room.

What a weird game! Cheech gone with a boarding major and misconduct pretty much at the beginning of the game, kinda' like Joe in Boston. The lines were being mixed up anyway, so I guess we didn't miss him that much (which is weird to say about Mr Rocket Richard) but after that there was so much rough stuff and penalties. At the end of the night, both our PP and PK had improved. Huh.

The Penguins look soooooo much better than they did 2 seasons ago. They're no longer the defensive disaster they were, although I did see a few instances of slowness getting back. Malkin's pretty nifty and looks like he's going to eat the east up. Crosby pretty much had someone glued to him all night, so I didn't see him do anything exciting. Playoffs seem to be in reach for them this season, especially because they're in the Atlantic division.

Vlasic had 25 minutes of ice time last night. It's truly freakish how good he is. I realised today that he's an Aries rabbit, just like me! Maybe that's why I like him so much. :P

Kyle McLaren behind the other team's net. 3 goals (1 disallowed) in 2 games. WTF?!

fetisha! I uploaded a Lundqvist interview for you. :)
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