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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Trip! Trip!

So, I am leaving for Florida with tersa tomorrow morning! I will be back Thursday night. We'll be going to the Sharks games in Tampa and Miami and meeting redden6 in Tampa, and then finding frala's buried treasure in Miami, hehe!

tamiflu already posted about the Ducks segment where Bryzgalov and Giguere talked about the paint jobs on their masks, but I've uploaded it. Because everything sounds funnier in a foreign accent.

ETA: Andy McDonald's first job was working at a turkey farm vaccinating turkeys...

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I thought of you the whole time when I was watching that. I was like I bet Mae is having SO much fun with this. Because *I* was giggling and I don't even like them! lol

Bryzgalov is a weird, funny guy. :)

hahaha he so is! It was so an interview where he was like "you're an idiot! Why are you asking such dumb questions?"

Russians tend to be like that! They seem to have a very low tolerance for that stuff. Ovechkin is a freak among Russians. :P

I SO HOPE its still there!!!!

I knoooooooow. We will take pictures if it is, hehe!

yay!!! and HAVE FUN! and go to the mall right by the arena if you're interested in shopping cause it rocks ;p

Thanks! I think tersa is already planning to go there. :)

*smooch* Have a good trip, be careful, have fun, we'll miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you!!

I'm off to bed, whimper.

*snuggles* Thanks! I might be on as we have wireless from our hotel room, teehee!

*tucks you in*

Stupid Pete made popcorn, had cigarettes (the front door is right by the bedroom door) and watched TV loudly. Now I am awake. Wah.

I forgot he said, "I didn't order this!" about the old Duck logo. He has a good sense of humor.

I wonder if improving his English will make him even funnier.

See you at the game on sunday after some sharks stalking!

Yes! BTW, the latest episode of Shark Byte is about the adventures of Ville and Vesa as they buy franks to grill in a sauna. Seriously.

yaaay! jill and i were just talking and we thought it would be a good idea to meet at the hyatt where the sharks are staying tomorrow morning.

i have my puck! haha now i just need a silver sharpie!

dude, i so have to watch this.

*laughs* Bryz is the best.

But, actually, the banner at the top of your page made me go all "Jeez, what the fuck is that?" because holy crap Havlat looks like Zetterberg and I was all confused. I had a very strong startled reaction to that. And I think you may have mentioned it to me before?

Anyways, be having fun in Florida!

Ahh, see I've watched Havlat more so I'm more familiar with him, and sometimes I see Zetterberg on the Wings bench and I'm like *shrieks* What's he doing there???

It's especially when they're sitting on the bench after a shift, staring vacantly and mouth slightly open that they look most alike.

thank you! :D

poor guys, like they really want to talk about their helmets *g* I laughed the whole way though and I'm not even sure why :)

I'm telling you, it's the foreign accents! :P

I will forget if I don't mention it now-- Petr is the player with the most 2-goal games (30) without a hat trick yet.

Hi there I met you when you were in Tampa Sunday. I am Jill's friend Sandi and thought I may add you. I am imwithstrud.

I love the Shark Bytes you put up. You are making me watch the Sharks even more now=) Love Mark Bell and now I kind of like watching Mark Smith too.

Glad you had fun.

Hiya, Sandi! :)

I'm glad you enjoy the Shark Byte clips! I love the show so much. :D You know, I think Mark Bell and Mark Smith get along really well because I saw them skating in warm ups in Miami with big ol' smiles for each other the whole time!

Aww Mark Smith and Mark Bell have a love for each other, so cute=)

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