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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

I should probably fall asleep to Sharks games instead

Okay, so I've had two Oilers dreams and no Sharks dreams so far this season. In the first one, I dreamed I was one of the Oilers. But not Ryan Smyth. And not Jason Smith cos' I think I was on the power play. :P Can't remember who. And then last night I dreamed that the Oilers won the Cup, but it was kind of a sidenote because someone was trying to kill me (someone is always trying to kill me in my dreams) and I mostly ignored it but then I thought about Petr getting to raise the Cup this time instead of lying in a hospital bed and got all emotional and woke up. :P

I'm pretty sure the reason I'm having these dreams is that I watch Oilers games before I go to sleep. And last night I also watched the beginning of Sudden Death. Enough to catch Luc Robitaille's cameo (in a Pens jersey! weird!). Penguins vs Blackhawks final? Har har! Except that the movie was made ten years ago, so it probably wasn't har har back then. I was actually quite impressed with the hockey scenes! They were of much higher quality than the rest of the movie. ;)

I have some clips!

I have an interview with Marc-Edouard Vlasic! He talks about getting to stay in the NHL.

Does anyone like Fernando Pisani? I have a segment about him and his whole Italian immigrant background where he pontificates about how he could have been a sheep farmer.

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nobody likes pisani

1. The 2nd isn't as special as the 1st.
2. Petr's mother would be happier with the picture, but Petr would notice Jason&Patrik's absence.
3. I was hoping there would be a Sudden Death clip.
5. I feel like a hack saying it, but... typical Italian. His dad, though, makes him far more likeable.

I somehow doubt she was asking you.

Thanks, Mae, I saw it when I was watching your last Petr highlights.

I used to have Oilers-winning-the-Cup dreams and wake up and think, "Yeah, good one, brain." It's still weird to think it almost happened.

Re: nobody likes pisani

It's a joke. I'm pretty sure most kids in Edmonton like him which was why he got 2.5.

No, I think he got 2.5 because GMs overpaying for third-line checkers is well-established and it would've looked bad if they'd let someone else come along to throw money at him after 11 home playoff games.

I know you were joking. You're a Stars fan and I'm just oversensitive.

Re: nobody likes pisani

They were probably inspired by uhh... "reruns" of the Oilers actually winning the Cup 24380325807 times. :P

Re: nobody likes pisani

It's really unnerving how calm and placid and thoughtful he is. I wonder if his brothers are also like that too. His parents seemed very calm on TV.

Petr would think about them and start crying. Or how does he put it? "Has some tears"?

I only caught like 15 minutes of the movie, but it's not like they tell you who wins the Stanley Cup. :P

Man, Vlasic cutes me the fuck out.

The face does not match anything about him! *giggle*

Oh my God, you MUST continue watching Sudden Death. All the way through. It is hands-down the best worst action movie I've ever seen. Every time I see it I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Hehe, I'll check to see if it's one of the free movies I can get OnDemand!

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