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I should probably fall asleep to Sharks games instead

Okay, so I've had two Oilers dreams and no Sharks dreams so far this season. In the first one, I dreamed I was one of the Oilers. But not Ryan Smyth. And not Jason Smith cos' I think I was on the power play. :P Can't remember who. And then last night I dreamed that the Oilers won the Cup, but it was kind of a sidenote because someone was trying to kill me (someone is always trying to kill me in my dreams) and I mostly ignored it but then I thought about Petr getting to raise the Cup this time instead of lying in a hospital bed and got all emotional and woke up. :P

I'm pretty sure the reason I'm having these dreams is that I watch Oilers games before I go to sleep. And last night I also watched the beginning of Sudden Death. Enough to catch Luc Robitaille's cameo (in a Pens jersey! weird!). Penguins vs Blackhawks final? Har har! Except that the movie was made ten years ago, so it probably wasn't har har back then. I was actually quite impressed with the hockey scenes! They were of much higher quality than the rest of the movie. ;)

I have some clips!

I have an interview with Marc-Edouard Vlasic! He talks about getting to stay in the NHL.

Does anyone like Fernando Pisani? I have a segment about him and his whole Italian immigrant background where he pontificates about how he could have been a sheep farmer.

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