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The Invincible M.A.E.

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How things change...

It's weird to go into a game against the Red Wings and be the favourite to win. I mean, that was the case the last time they came to San Jose, but that was because they were missing the 5 Swedes who were on the Olympic team.

It's also weird to have an actual power play. It used to be I'd want to decline power plays sometimes. :P And jeez, defensemen who score? Matt Carle is the leading scorer among defenseman right now. Not among rookie defenseman, but in the whole league! I used to be impressed if our defensemen got shots on net, hee.

Cheech is buying Ricci's house!
Cheechoo's new home had been Ricci's castle

The Reech-and-Cheech connection struck again recently, but this time it was an off-ice collaboration: Former Sharks center Mike Ricci sold his house in Willow Glen to Jonathan Cheechoo.

``It was pretty easy actually; there was no real bargaining,'' Cheechoo said. ``It was like, `Will you take this?' OK. Great.''

Ricci kept his house last season, his first with the Phoenix Coyotes.

``I think he probably wants to move back here when he's done,'' Cheechoo said. ``But he started talking about unloading it and put it back on the market this year.

``I went to look at it and it was the best house that I looked at for that price. I'm definitely happy with it. He took real good care of it.''

Cheechoo was familiar with the house, having been a guest on several occasions.

``Reech invited me over for Christmas dinner my first year,'' Cheechoo said.

Ricci also registered the primary assist on Cheechoo's first NHL goal, then fished the puck out of Nashville's net.

Ricci hasn't played this season for Phoenix while recovering from neck surgery. But the Arizona Republic reported he is scheduled to be re-examined this week.

It makes me strangely happy he's buying Cheech's house. Like he's continuing some sort of legacy or something, haha.

Attention newfashiongirl, arami and fetisha! The Sharks are practising in special Halloween jerseys! They're orange, and on the back there's a pumpkin with the player's number "carved" into it. They clash horribly with teal goalie pads. :P There's video of their practice here, along with interviews with Joe, Cheech, Patty and Mark Smith.

Joe smiles as he says he likes to play with both of our goalies. :( Cheech's costume one year was a moose hunter! Boy has a definite moose obsession. Patty was He-Man with tights and a tin foil sword! Mark Smith just wanted to be a superhero (cos' he wanted to wear the tights, har!)

I am also ridiculously proud of Marian. He scored the first goal, did almost all the work for the second goal, then scored the game tying goal with under a minute left in the game. He also scored in the shootout and was named first star of the game. *sniffles* I have highlights!

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yahahahahaahahaha he looks like a calico cat with that hair.

Oh, I love it. Dress me up like a pumpkin anytime.
Oh he's so gay. I'm going to pull him by his spikey calico colorered hair and shove my tongue down his throat.

just paint me up

Hahah those jerseys. Wow.

I'm going to pull him by his spikey calico colorered hair and shove my tongue down his throat.

I'm sure he won't mind that.

First off, it's a dumb question--wouldn't you prefer one goalie behind you over another? Dude, you'd prefer the goalie that stopped shots. As long as they both continue to stop pucks, who gives a fuck who's in net?.. Oh man, he asked all of them that question.

I was real good at that
I imagine a tiny Thornton screaming, "GIVE ME CANDY!" and then grabbing and running away.

I like how Cheech knows that they're wearing the jerseys for charity and Mark Smith is like, "Oh, we're wearing them b/c our old jerseys are boring!"

I would have liked your team to get all retarded over them. NOT AS AWESOME AS THE RETARDED PIMP ROBES.

I think he asked all of them the exact same questions. I liked Kyle's answer for a previous article about the difference between them: One's Finnish and one's Russian.

My favourite part was when Mark Smith was giggling on the ice and Nabby cracked up too. :)

I was real good at that
I imagine a tiny Thornton screaming, "GIVE ME CANDY!" and then grabbing and running away.

...I can't image Thornton being "tiny" ...ever. LoL

"Tiny" as in child. I bet the boy was fat.

I think it's awesome he bought Ricci's house.
And oh dear god orange does NOT go with teal! But yay for interview with the boys :)

Thank you for that, and whoo hightlights*G*

It is! I bet he'll only ever make use of like 10% of the house, haha.

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