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Oh happy crotch

I have highlights of Petr from Saturday's Oilers/Avalanche game. He adjusts himself a lot and loves Hemsky, in some cases one after the other.

To help you enjoy the highlights, I'm going to point out things of note in my commentary! And by "things of note", I mostly mean him grabbing himself:
  • When Petr yaps at the linesman, arguing about an icing call, he angrily removes his glove and gives himself a heft, then starts pointing accusingly.
  • "Sykora's got a pair." Heh, heh.
  • After Petr's second goal, Hemsky cups his cheek, and he has a special moment with him.
  • While Petr is raising his stick to celebrate his goal, he simultaneously adjusts himself.
  • While they are talking about him at the end, he's babbling at Hemsky about something as they skate back to the bench together, then he slaps Hemsky's ass, sits down, removes his glove, illustrates something to Hemsky, then adjusts himself again.

Raising his stick and uhh, raising his "stick" in celebration after his second goal.

The look of love.
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