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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh happy crotch

I have highlights of Petr from Saturday's Oilers/Avalanche game. He adjusts himself a lot and loves Hemsky, in some cases one after the other.

To help you enjoy the highlights, I'm going to point out things of note in my commentary! And by "things of note", I mostly mean him grabbing himself:
  • When Petr yaps at the linesman, arguing about an icing call, he angrily removes his glove and gives himself a heft, then starts pointing accusingly.
  • "Sykora's got a pair." Heh, heh.
  • After Petr's second goal, Hemsky cups his cheek, and he has a special moment with him.
  • While Petr is raising his stick to celebrate his goal, he simultaneously adjusts himself.
  • While they are talking about him at the end, he's babbling at Hemsky about something as they skate back to the bench together, then he slaps Hemsky's ass, sits down, removes his glove, illustrates something to Hemsky, then adjusts himself again.

Raising his stick and uhh, raising his "stick" in celebration after his second goal.

The look of love.

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Oh god, you kill me! (In the good way!) I will never get tired of your awesome Petr spam! :D

I will keep my eyes on his crotch!

He's too much, really! Those are great, and I can totally see him and Hemsky together. :)

I guess being too much would be an explanation for the constant adjustments. He totally bonded with Hemsky and Prucha at the World Championships in 2005!

Petr and his sticks ... he just can't help himself! One of the many reasons I'm glad the season's started cause no one can ever get enough!! *laughs*

Hey, whose crotch is that?

I like how they interviewed Petr and he was like, "I play with my stick every day." We know, Petr, we know.

Marty Brodeur's!! :)

I love that ... really ... every day, sometimes twice a day ...!! ;9

Only you would voluntarily watch a game featuring the Oilers and the Avs.

Do you wanna read a bajillion pages of Avery fic?

See, that makes it easier for me cos' then I know the Avs have to go down and I'm not conflicted. :P

If it's by you, yes! If it's by him, hmm... you know, I'd read that too.

I can barely stand to look at them when we play them (stars v. avs is like.. the perennial national broadcast. every year i have to see them. ugh). I had to go onto the Avs site to find information on Lappy and my eyeballs started to burn.

You are going to become obsessed with finding players who write slash.

I'm holding out for Barry Zito to do it. He should write slash in the off season.

GAH. I just read his farewell in his blog. *cries* We need to chain him to a computer for sure.

Yeah. And chain the rest of his harem to him so he won't get bored when he's not writing.

What? No way. He'd never get any writing done. We're trying to motivate him.

Hmm, I guess we can go with the approach of rewarding him with somebody when he produces ficcage.

One of our Silvertips, I have noticed, has gone to the Petr Sykora school of Jockgrabbing. I love that because of you I think of you and Petr when I see Brady do that. lol

I've always wanted to be associated with the image of crotch grabbing.

lol Just to let you know...it's so not a bad thing. ;)

That was a pretty epic look. I was watching it in public and had to physically bite on my fist to keep from giggling like an idiot. Eek.

It looks especially lovey in this picture. :) The two of them have bonded so well!

Oh my god.

They're not even trying. So in the honeymoon phase :p just wait until the first fight!

Dude, but what would they fight about? Maybe Petr would complain about Hemsky's driving? They just both seem too laid back, hehe.

Hmmm, probably. But if either of them ever actually got mad? It would be scary.

By scary, do you mean, scary that you might hurt yourself laughing?

Yeah, pretty much. Very junior high-type fighting.

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