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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Baby eating!

We talk about eating babies a lot. I've just been catching up on Blade: the Series and there is actual baby eating in it! However, that is only one of the things that makes it cool. Too bad it's been canceled.

Uploaded more video clips! I have some Sykora highlights from last week, and also Barry Zito and Nick Swisher from TBDSSP tonight. Zito fondles Swisher's hair. He is so fucking everyone on the team.

Notice that after Petr's second goal and MacT whaps him on the head, he adjusts himself. You can see his shoulder moving to take his left glove off, then moving up and down, heh heh.

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WTF is Petr wearing? He looks so disgusting. And it's totally odd that he's playing for the Oilers.. he just doesn't fit. Also, when he bear hugged that dude, as they turned I'm pretty sure he grabbed his crotch.

Does Swish give money based on his HR or his strikeouts. I feel like the latter would benefit the troops more.

It totally looks like it! But usually he takes his glove off to get a more snug grip. I can't remember if I've ever seen him make an adjustment with his glove on.


Awww, Petr. It's kind of hard to believe that, y'know, he's ours. Meep.

He has certainly bonded with Ales enough!

I think he's just happy to find someone as odd as himself.:p

*grin* But of course if you confronted him about being odd, he would be surprised and shocked, then he would start talking about playing with his stick all the time.

You know, put that way, I can believe it. Because the entire team's a bunch of nutjobs. Huh.

Those clips just made me very happy, thank you. I may or may not have skipped back to rewatch the hair fondling. Many times. But I admit nothing!

Yay! See, when guys touch another guy's hair, they're always very like... rough about it, kind of mussing it. The way Zito did it, it was like a girl stroking her bf's hair.

I have no icon that accurately reflects my hair obsession.

OMG, yes, EXACTLY THAT. Flail!

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