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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I have ze tickets!!!

I have tickets to the ALCS game tonight! Me and lastcatastrophe are going!!! *bounces*

I was kind of sad last week when I tried to get tickets and they were all sold out. :\ But I remembered to check again today cos' I know that in hockey, anyway, they usually release more tickets to the public in the morning the day of the game. But I didn't think I'd be able to get them!

The Sharks had a team curling tournament in Banff. *giggle*

My streak is broken! The A's lost while I was watching on TV. :( But by the time I caught up to live TV Zito had been yanked already. (Is "yank" the right word for that? *projects goalie terminology*)

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Gaaah I am jealous.

go Tigs? ;p

I'm just so happy I managed to get tickets!!! *bounces*

Hopefully your good luck continues! A's need it ;____;

I'm annoyed that both games start at the same time and Fox (those douche!!) are broadcasting both games.

I will make them win with the power of my mind!!!

Ahh, Swisher molesting Scutaro. I love it.

I'm annoyed that both games start at the same time and Fox (those douche!!) are broadcasting both games.

Dude, SERIOUSLY. That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

I know! At least I found out that Sportsnet is showing both games. Thank goodness for 4 channels!

Oh, they are? With no blackouts? They are awesome.

Yup, since Sportsnet has the rights to show MLB games.

Fox isn't the douchebag... IT'S THOSE GOD DAMN EASTCOASTERS WHO DON'T WANNA STAY UP LATE. That's why all the guys have to deal with the sun&shadows.

That too, so we'll start with baseball for caving into Eastcoasters. But now I really don't care much since I realized I get to watch both games at the same time.

How would people watch it on Fox with two games going on at the same time?

But why would it matter if the A's/Tigers game be at 5 or 7 or whatever? Eastcoast market only care about Red Sox and Yankees! They don't care for small market teams like A's and no-namers like Tigers. :o

Fox owns FX. Most kids will get NL on Fox and AL on FX, but in some places (ie NorCal & Tiger!land) it'll be switched.

And people will watch because Tommy Lasorda says, "get off your asses and watch baseball, you bums."

Aw, I watched most of the game last night and was thinking to myself that you must've gotten lost on your way to your TV or something . . .

Anyway, SQUEE to live playoff baseball, at home no less! Have fun!

Oh, and the curling thing killed me, haha. I love this:

"We pretended to know what we were doing,'' Brown said. "We pretended better than anyone else.''

Err, you can't win 'em all? Oh, Barry.

Dude, I'm ridiculously excited. I couldn't get tickets last week and I was so sad.

Damn it, I want video of their curling tournament. I like how the Saskatchewan boys kicked ass. *giggle*

Oh dude, there should absolutely be video! Curling + hockey is never anything less than genius.

And yes, yank is the right word, btw :P


Enjoy the game!

"Yank" works, but you can use "pull" too, more commonly, so not entirely like goalies since they don't get to go back in after the empty-netter.

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