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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Joolzie's toes, Marco... Scutaro ... Sharks ween, the better train wreck, mawwiage

joolzie's toes are famous.

This has been a pretty fantastic week in all respects. Okay, mostly in sports respects, but since I'm boring and that's all I'm really into, that counts for a lot. Oh yeah, and one of my best friends, Alex, got married. *CRIES*

Marco *clap* *clap* Scutaro *clap* *clap*
They did it they did it they did it!!!

I was sitting at home, waiting until the very last minute to leave for Alex's wedding, and the bases are loaded, 2 outs, Marco Scutaro at bat with 2 strikes and the crowd is chanting his name so loud, and I've never heard it like that before because it's always been this one patch of people who go Maaaaarcooooo, and another patch responds Scuuuuutaroooo, and everyone giggles inside (or so I imagine), but now everyone's shouting it, and everyone knows if he does something good that's it, the A's pretty much win the series, and he's Mr. Clutch, and he hits a double, and three runs score, and I'm bursting, and I figure I can leave, TiVoing the rest.

lastcatastrophe text messages me when it's all over and I'm trying not to freak out in the cab on the way to Alex's wedding. Ahh. *sigh*

Anyway, I come back home and I find this audio slideshow of Game 3, and hearing the Marco Scutaro chant makes me sniffly and my heart swells because I can hear the crowd going, and then there's the crack when Marco hits the ball and the cheer as people see it go, and the even louder cheer when it lands fair.

I watch the last two innings that I missed, and I'm so excited to hear Huston Street's entrance music ("Hate Me Now", Nas) because it means he's closing, which means the A's are leading into the 9th. And I watch them win.

Go read Barry Zito's blog because it's awesome. :)

Alex makes everyone cry at his wedding--including himself
I knew I was going to cry at this wedding. Because it's Alex. I love him with an intensity I can't describe, but makes my chest hurt.

But then they both wrote their own vows, and they were just gazing at each other while they were saying them and they both made each other cry in front of everyone. Waaaaaaah.

It was a festive occasion, with all of Alex's family and friends - including a big Russian contingent - many of whom I've met over the years, and Tessa's family and friends too, who I've met in the past couple of years or so. I love those two crazy kids. They're such a good match. *sighs happily*

The first time I met Tessa, I was in my room in the morning, and I heard a woman's voice outside and I peeked outside and IMed lastcatastrophe "I think Alex got lucky last night!" and I went out and they were sitting on the deck in bathrobes and talking and laughing, and they seemed so happy and natural together, from the very beginning.

Sharks defensemen scoring goals?! But they're 12!
It's so weird to me that we now have goal-scoring defensemen. Three of them, even! And they're all widdle babies.

The team is still looking good, although Cheech seems a bit nervous/off, but I think he'll probably shake it off after a few games. I really love the way Nabby looked, like the Nabby of yore. *grin*

For all you crazy Joe Thornton fans, here's a radio interview.

The 49ers are the better train wreck
In the most eagerly anticipated match up of the week (no, not Cowboys/Eagles, ha!), so eloquently described in a newspaper article as "two train wrecks on one hell of a collision course", or something like that, the 49ers actually managed to come out on top, despite one interception and two failed 4th down conversions while in field goal range.

Of course it helps when the other team throws 4 interceptions, then drops a lateral and leaves it there for your defense to pick up the live ball and scamper over to the endzone for a touchdown, eh?

But damn, so many guys showed something good today: Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Walt Harris, Chad Williams, Manny Lawson, Melvin Oliver, Arnaz Battle, Antonio Bryant, Maurice Hicks. I feel unbelievable optimism, like the team could actually win the 5-6 games I'd hoped they could win this season. I mean, they're totally getting smushed by the San Diego Chargers next week, and then the Chicago Bears the week after that, but I have hope that they'll at least keep trying during those games. :)

Petr plays with his stick every day
He does. He says it himself in this audio interview that greatkate so nicely linked to.

He talks mostly about his stick, and the stiffness of his stick, and the curve of his stick, and he emphasizes how much he loves playing with it every day, but he also talks about Whore and Patty, and the interviewer asks whether his current line with Hemsky and Torres are similar, and Petr says that he can't compare them and... *cries*

Petr also has a very good sense of self-preservation in scrums, which seem to erupt a lot when the Oilers play. He simply targets the least dangerous-looking player on the other team and skates to him and gives him a big hug, then maneuvers them away from the other guys. He just did it in Calgary, embracing a very surprised Zyuzin who was simply standing around, minding his own business.

I'm also very proud of our boy Drew Remenda and the job he's doing as colour commentator for HNIC. He's suppressed the gay banter part of his regular broadcast, but seems otherwise the same and has pretty good chemistry with the play-by-play guys (especially Hughson). I hope that he has the sense not to use the phrase "carnal knowledge" on HNIC.

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Knowing me, I would have skipped the beginning of the wedding for the baseball game ;P

Hehe, well, I was sharing a cab with other people and it wasn't too bad cos' the score was 8-2 at that point, so barring a catastrophe (which you know, not completely ruled out) it was pretty obvious they'd win. :)

I can't believe I listened to that fuck in an Edmonton interview.


No kidding. He totally started giggling when he realized how porny he was sounding, talking about his friend at Easton. The only redeemable thing about this interview is that he is using a Brett Hull stick.

I am sick of hearing all these different guys coming clean about how they can use the illegal sticks they used last year. Like.. wtf? Why would you admit that? It's so stupid. That's like when this kid for our basketball team told our sports reporter that he just didn't feel like trying during the game. That is like Jason Arnott Edmonton Stupid.

And then after the question about Whore and Patty, he was really sad and quiet and all delayed answering the next question because he was thinking about his youth and they were crazy kids and he would never have anything like that again.


Already wrote that fic.

Petr Sykora is so last year.

Sykora's got a pair!

I need to move. So that I can have an office of my own. So that I can put my A-line poster back up. *sighs* *cries* *practically dies*

You know, I've never put mine up. I think I'm afraid to.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
He sure loves his stick a lot. And apparently so does his close friend at Easton!

Dude... so much love. *cries*

I only realized that was your drew! your drew and my jim mae :D eeef

He just did it in Calgary, embracing a very surprised Zyuzin who was simply standing around, minding his own business.

I nearly spit applesauce on my screen reading this, because I could totally imagine Zyuzin's "WTF??" look on his face as Petr did this. :)

*grin* He didn't even "fight back" or anything! He just let himself be hugged and skated away from the crowd (apparently a tactic designed to further lower the chance of getting involved in an actual scuffle).

I'm sorry you guys don't have him anymore, but I love that Drew is on HNIC. :)

I'm so proud of how he's done so far. I think as he gets more comfortable, there will be more gaiety.

Awwwww... yay for Alex. I love self-written vows, they're so meaningful :)

*sigh* They were so good and so absolutely genuine and *cries* again.

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