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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What a great week!

The A's won a series, the Sharks won their first two games of the season and most importantly, Alex got married. It's been a pretty good week. :)

Will write more tomorrow (falling asleep now) but I've uploaded some videos.

A's ween! A's ween!

Marleau line.

Fashion shoot for San Jose Magazine.

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...That Sharks photo shoot was hot.

Someone needs to get on that with other teams. Stat.

All the team TV shows just need to be written/edited/produced by gay men.

The Sharks boast possibly the only line in the league where 2 out of 3 players have been arrested.

pish lots of leafs have ben arrested! DUI mostly. what far pray tell?

... DUI (Mark Bell). But Joe got like, assaulting a police officer (hahaha).

On the same line!

Yay for the A's! Although one of my best friends is a Twins fan, so I feel a little bad for them on her behalf, or something. :P

I can't believe McLaren admitted to owning GREEN and ORANGE PLAID and then that's NOT his worst fashion faux pas. Hee! Mark Bell is also cuter than I remember. Huh.

Dude, Marleau's line is just awesome. Bernier is one of the only fantasy picks I don't regret this week! Ha, I love the looks they get when they talk about each other's great hands and size and everything, too.

Ah, I love getting to see the Sharks videos. :)

Ahh, look, it's Marty! I mean, Marat! Did I already mention the Safin = Havlat, Roddick = Spezza thing to you?

I guess it's kind of like, yeah, he could wear orange plaid, but... who, other than his teammates, is going to give him shit for it in public? :P

Mark Bell is a hottie. That's how he got all those underaged girls in Chicago.

Oh, yay! And Bernier's one of those aggressive goal scorer types, so he should only get better as the season goes on. :)

AHH! I knew about Safin = Havlat, but I've never heard this Roddick = Spezza business! (I hate him for . . . some probably irrational reason that I completely forget now, shocker.) Hee, I can't decide if I'm intrigued or traumatized!

I WOULD!!! Okay, I'd think about it -- I really need to buy an "I hate what you're wearing" shirt the next time Go Fug Yourself sells them, to say this stuff for me. :P

Heee. I always picture Bell differently! Blond or something. It must be Arnason messing up my brain.


Just look at the ears.

Bell is... hmm, I never thought about it, I always thought of him as dirty blonde. But perhaps that's more like... he has a blonde brain or something, haha. :P

. . . I see what you mean. ::weeps::

Blonde brain indeed. Heee.

AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. That shoot is hilarious.

I had no idea your captain looked like that. He looks so weird without a helmet. He has eyes and looks like a normal dude. When he giggled during the shoot I nearly lost it.

Also, Bell's favorite thing to wear is a hooker & a six pack.

Oh wait, my bad. He likes the collared metal wrists bands, not the collared shirts.

I wonder if he's been trimming his eyebrows. They don't seem to overpower his face as much as they used to.

I love him. *sighs*

I need to write to the editor of Vancouver magazine and send them the link ti this shoot. There are so many good candidates for that on the Nucks.

And can Bernie and Milan BE more in love? lol I love Patty's love for them too.

Oh yeah, and Vancouver is really gay, too. :P

It's so weird to think of him as being the old guy to the two young 'uns. :)

*giggles* America's Next Top Model! *would vote for Patty or Mark*

Hee, I was kind of disturbed that I found Goc really hot. :P

haha they should've had ville in it! look at his pink tie and shirt.

i love that he wears pink. so does not seem to be the kind of guy to rock that color, but what do i know? finns are crazy.

Maybe Vesa was shy. Because they have to do everything together, of course. :P

He's in the right area to wear pink...

Mark Bell. Guh.

Shark Byte always makes me jealous, because I don't think I know of another team that has something like this.

I think a lot of teams have these little half hour shows, but most of them aren't quite as gay, hahaha!

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