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Exploding with hockey joy


I am just so full of hockey goodness right now. I mean, okay, there were definite moments of retardness in the Sharks game, the biggest problem being the inability to clear the puck out of the zone, but overall the team just looked good, especially Marleau's line (I swoon at Milan and Bernier). I just thought that everyone clicked. I mean, the score was close, but 2 of the goals Vesa let in were kind of questionable, and the Sharks didn't capitalize on a lot of the chances that they did have.

But my lovefest is mostly for Vlasic, who is all of 19 years old and straight out of junior, and had this expression on his face the whole game like he was going to cry and really wanted his mommy, but broke up passes, positioned himself well defensively, knew the right situations to pinch, and got shots on net. And he helped kill an almost full 5-on-3. All this in his first NHL game. I know it's only been one game, but if he keeps this up, I just might get his jersey.

I don't know, I just felt so much confidence watching them tonight. Just something I can't explain. And hey, we didn't have to wait 10 games to get our first win or anything like that so that's already awesome! :P

Oh, and Petr Petr Petr. 2 goals, an assist, #1 star. *cries* I haven't watched the game yet, but my heart swells to bursting. greatkate said that he won 5 of 6 faceoffs even! He must have been really working on them. :)

And and and greatkate told me that his wife is pregnant!!! Petr is going to be a daddy!!! I feel like I'm going to be an aunt or something, haha. Apparently they just found out last week.
spoothbrush: I'm just suddenly getting this mental image of him making fun of the baby for not having teeth, and then taking out his own
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