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You gotta love a man who uses the phrase "earplug experience"

Opening night of hockey season and I'm writing about baseball. :P So wrong. Buuuuut, my team hasn't played yet, so I'll be much more excited tomorrow. :)

Okay, I'm many years late jumping on the Barry Zito bandwagon, but umm, following some "research" that I did, I have become utterly fascinated with him.

There's all the stuff about yoga, stuffed animals, incense, satin pillows, surfing, KY jelly *chortles*, but then there's also the thing where it's possible that every game, he might be prancing about in the dugout like a magnificent poof (bonus points for getting the reference).

What is Barry Zito doing here? (Sorry, the image is huge so it might take a while to load. When it's done, the animation will loop smoothly.)

And why does he look like a butch woman?

His blog is so good. It freaking pisses me off, haha. He's obviously a smart guy and he like, writes a lot, and it's all interesting and he writes fast. Bah. He should like, slash himself with someone. I bet he would write awesome slash.
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