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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oakland A's locker room celebration

I uploaded a couple of clips of the A's celebrating after becoming AL West champions last night to Youtube. The subject, description and tags are intentionally stealthy (urgh, I actually used leetspeak) so that hopefully, the MLB will not get the clip rejected like it did before.

Part 1: Jason Kendall, Lew Wolff, Mark Kotsay, Frank Thomas.

Part 2: Eric Chavez, Nick Swisher, Huston Street, Barry Zito.

I... do not deny that I was tempted to write Street/Zito. *coughs*

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(Deleted comment)
Maybe after some questions to Lira. :)

My comment disappeared so I don't know if I posted it, or if it got deleted :( But anyway - you should write that! Totally. I approve. *thumbs up* :P

Hee! Aside from a couple of guys I really know shit-all about the A's, but that was good times.

I don't know them that well, yet, but boys being gay is always fun to watch!

You should totally write Street/Zito. The little brother comment and that Zito is his best friend on the team and the way he looks at him. It's a story that is begging to be told.

He totally has a puppy dog gaze! :)

Even being a Texas Rangers fan, I love Zito!!! You must give into the temptation and wright Street and Zito. They are just too cute together. Maybe something about what they were really doing hanging out in Street's pool? nudge nudge.

He's just such a strange unique guy! I wonder if they do yoga together.

Bunch of guys in one room spraying themselves with alcohol = greatness

So....why exactly are you resisting temptation here?

Don't know about them or baseball, hehe.


I love the heck out of Swish!

And the Street/Zito is outrageous!

Swisher is so funny, like, all the time!

Street luuuuuuurves him.

- FSN Bay Area's ability to cut to boys hugging when the owner said, "this team has great chemistry"

- at the beginning I almost felt like it was a waste of champagne--like they should only give it to the old guys to drink cause the kids would probably be happy with water guns, but then I suppose water doesn't sting as much and they seem even more like kids with the champagne

- that one guy who was talking to Zito and had his shirt pulled back and beer poured down his back... like, it was completely normal for some dude to be touching him like that--the *beer* was the surprise! haha

- Street walking around like a lost boy. He has that drunk thing going on where you wander around the room trying to have a conversation, you say your two lines and then move on or trailing other big kids around the room

- as for Street and Zeet--dude, I loved at the very beginning how he held his arm out, all come hither. I giggled. Throughout the entire interview he had this blank look on his face--a total, I am drunk and trying to think of the really amazing thing I'm going to say next. That fuck totally just wanted to show off that he and Zito had sex. "We were hanging out in his room this morning---" Street: *NOD NOD NOD NOD*

- Zito was very old mannish with his celebrating. So adult. Except when he was very boyish and scuffling his feet as Street complimented him

- I liked how Street has a serious-interview face, but kept getting distracted by the other boys playing in the background, or tried to seem serious while surreptitiously guzzling down alcohol

I was about to say that this would be nice in hockey, but mostly I'd just like to see my boys drunk and happy, and not so much messing with the postseason at all because I like how serious and dark and intense all the hockey boys get during the playoffs. It's all life and death, and subdued celebration because the cup is the only thing you can celebrate. Next season you're able to acknowledge the division title, president's trophy, what have you, but during playoffs none of that stuff matters.

I was hoping to see drunk Harden. That boy has an ass that won't quit. I pay attention to most things A's merely for that ass. I'd like you to upload the locker room celebration clip wtih Harden standing, drinking his beer intensely, and the camera panning down his backside, please.

And dude, that would be so weird if you wrote baseball fic. If you do it, pretty soon you'll be writing Niners fic.

That fuck totally just wanted to show off that he and Zito had sex. "We were hanging out in his room this morning---" Street: *NOD NOD NOD NOD*

*dies* I was thinking the same thing about that. So glad my roomies weren't home, because if they had been, they would've wanted to know WTF I was laughing my ass off about.

And I, too, wanted to see drunk Harden, because...yeah. Nice ass. Nice face, too, but his ass is just, like, on a whole 'nother level.

Re: things to note (Anonymous) Expand
if you would like to read some Street/Zito, heck, Zito/anyone, I highly recommend candle_beck. they haven't updated in a while, but he's a good enough writer that I'll read it. and I don't like baseball. ;) Anyways, he's got tons on his lj. hope you enjoy.

Beck is a girl. :) I've read one of her fics before, but I can't fully appreciate it because I don't love baseball.

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