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The Invincible M.A.E.

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A's weeeeeeeeeen!!!!!

Huston Street is madly in love with Barry Zito, haha. Is anyone (besides Lira) interested in video of the locker room celebration?

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Dude, I would LOVE video of that celebration!

*dances* YAY!!!

Who isn't madly in love with Barry Zito? :P

And but of course video would be awesome.

Zito seems like such a weird guy. I'm basing this entirely on his habit of playing guitar all over Berkeley like some homeless guy.

*laughs* Zito is one of the weirdest dudes ever. It's why I love him. Plus he has the best hair in the history of the universe.

I would SO love the video. That kind of stuff is always fun to watch :)

I love how everyone makes fun of Huston Street's age. Especially in the commercial where he couldn't drive. :P

I liked his reaction when Swish told him he had better get his mom to sign a waiver.

I know! He was all indignant and stuff!!!

Also, I finally saw the Smith video you put up... I get why Dev finds him attractive.

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