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What's next? Basketball?

Okay, so I started watching football during the lockout because... what else was there to do? And oh boy, did the 49ers suck. They're not a great team, by any means, now, but back then? 2-14. Two wins. Both against the same team. In OT. There was pretty much no offensive line. The QB had approximately 0.7 seconds to do something before he got sacked. Every possession was a three and out (the punter got tons of work). The defense wasn't that terrible, but they were just on the field all the time, so by the end of every game, they were terrible.

But now? It's like... OMG Alex Smith had 3 seconds to make a play! There's a running game! A running back actually made it past the line of scrimmage for a gain!!! And and and... there are touchdowns! *faints*

Next week we play the Eagles, and most likely we'll lose, but I don't think it's going to be as much of an embarrassment as the 42-3 loss last season. How's that for optimism? :D

Someone on Cold Pizza today actually thought that the A's would make it to the World Series. The other two guys shook their heads and were like, no way, but... one person thought it!!! :P

Speaking of them, I'm going to the game tonight with lastcatastrophe! There will be chicken strips, and possibly a chocolate malt if I don't explode.


In honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I link to my gallery o' pirates. I'm usually in Sharks colours. :)

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