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The Invincible M.A.E.

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But which room does he sleep in?

Happy birthday, solookup!!! :)

From greatkate:
New Oilers winger Petr Sykora, who lived at the home of former Boston Bruins No. 1 draft Jonathan Aitken (1996) when he was a teenager and training here in the summer, has come full circle. He's renting the house again with Jonathan's engineer dad and mom in the Turks and Caicos Islands for the year.

And joolzie's husband thought of a very important question: does Petr sleep in the master bedroom, or in his old room? Is he going to be having sex in his billet's bed??? *ahem*

I feel like my trip deserves a long post, but I'm not good with those, so here's a summary:
  • Standouts: (Sharks) Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Lukas Kaspar, Joe Pavelski, (Kings) Jiri Anze Kopitar, Gabe Gauthier (only not really), (Ducks) Bobby Ryan, (Coyotes) Martin Hanzal, Peter Mueller.
  • Babies in suits, looking all awkward, are very cute.
  • Mmm, foooooooooood.
  • If you want to go to sleep early, don't start talking about scars.
  • QaF marathon! Is Pittsburgh really this gay mecca?
  • Pedicured feet in flip flops.
  • Babies like to watch little girls figure skate.

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Jiri Kopitar?? I thought it was Anze. He give up on us English speakers?

Ah, babies.

Doh! You're right, it's Anze, the Slovenian. Is there a Jiri with a last name something like that around?

QaF marathon! Is Pittsburgh really this gay mecca?

Do you think Mario would've stayed there all this time if it wasn't?

He seems to have had no problem filling his own stable with young boys. :(

Awkward babies in suits!!! My heart flipped a little just reading that. (Camp is melting my brain.)

QaF marathon!

Haha, I've been rolling around in QaF for the past couple of weeks. I do love the idea of Pittsburgh as a gay mecca, heh.

They were standing around in little groups (cos' they're scared of being alone!) and then they disappeared one day and all returned with food. Boys. Eating. *sighs*

Pedicured feet in flip flops.

Mark Bell was there???


You should find out which salon he goes to!

I was on Renberg's site and found videoclips of Kopitar playing for a Swedish league. ... That or there's another Anze Kopitar out there who scores goals.

Also, DUDE, you took lik 8 pages of notes!

That's why it will take me a while to transcribe! McCue isn't at training camp. What a surprise. *chortles*


Do you think Spaghetti!boy took a crowbar to his knees?

Why would he do that??? Because McCue stole his spaghetti?

No, no, he stole Gabe's spaghetti, and then we all know what happened.

*falls over laughing* that is a very good question... Hmmmmmmm might be interesting to ask him that one day *eef*


Someone should ask, because if he does, it would make him feel very strange from then on, muahahaha!

Oh Petr Petr *giggles*

It sounds like you had a great time. Yay for the babies doing good :))

It kind of makes you think too about how much stuff goes on outside the games and practice, that there's this whole other stable of players that need to be nurtured. :P

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