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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stalking time

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow for LA with Lira to go stalk Pacific division babies with Tammy! :D I'll be back next Wednesday.

A couple of unrelated things:
I was listening to sports talk radio today and the topic got around to the Manning brothers... "That must be an interesting feeling, drilling your brother. They probably did it 5000 times growing up."

There's a picture of Ang Lee (director of Brokeback Mountain) in the magazine I'm reading, and he's wearing a Flames cap. Heath Ledger is standing next to him, looking strangely like Dion Phaneuf.

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Why is there no Manning!cest? I want Peyton/Eli, dammit. *pout* (Hell, it doesn't even have to be slash, I just want Peyton & Eli in fic format, dammit.)

Have fun with the stalking!

Good question. Football slash seems to be a pretty small fandom?

Thank you! :D

have fun! don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Have fun, be safe and smack Tammyslut for me. Thanks. :)

Thank you! I'm sure that will be surprising for her...

Did you feel an odd frisson at any time during last night? Muahahaha.

YOU WERE ON HER BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee! And then she started insulting me a lot. And then I cried. :p

bwahhaa he does look like dion in that pic!

also have lots andlots of fun! allthree of you!

I never noticed the resemblance until then because of the Flames cap, haha.

Thank you! :D

OH man I wanted to go to that so badly because there are five or six of our players playing *sigh* You, Lira and Tammy have an awesome time!!

Aww, I'll look out for them for you. :)

:) That would be awesome. Thank you!!

I forgot to ask you which ones they were. :P Peter Mueller was awesome, though!

That's okay. It was Randy King, who I think was wearing 60 for San Jose but god yes! Peter had a phenomenal camp. It's so great that he moved on through to main camp too. They can love him but not too much; he still has to come back up here for this season *G*

I noticed King! I thought he was pretty good, actually, but Vlasic kind of outshined him, and everyone else, hehe.

Oh that's good to hear. :) Yay Randy. Vlasic did outshine everyone but then it's kind of expected too *G*

Holy wow, that is a lot of times to "drill" your brother. Or well, anyone.

They must have started young? *shrieks*

I'm sure you're gone by now, but still -- have fun! :)

Ha! That's just what you think!

Thanks. :)

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