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The Invincible M.A.E.

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House wants Wilson!

Hee, I just found this tonight. I guess House wants Wilson, but is worried about how Wilson would react. ;)

*chest puffs in Bay Area sports pride* Hey, how many games are the 49ers going to win? Gotta take my chance. ;)

I see Stratagems. It's kind of like beholding the Holy Grail, kind of misty and golden and glowy, and it looks so lovely just sitting there, that I can't bring myself to touch it quite yet. Thus I will read it all tomorrow!

Really, really loving Dead Like Me. I want some freaking waffles. And breakfast. I love breakfast. Waffles. *sigh*

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I love Dead Like Me and I was soooo fucking sad when Showtime canceled it. That show was sooo great!

I think it made me cry like 3 times already, hehe. But not for like, cheap sappy reasons.

*blush* I doubt it sweetie :) but thank you for your kind words.

In fact this chapter will disappoint some people i am afraid.

I still haven't read it (I'm in the throes of a TV and pirating binge), but I peeked at comments and they're good ones from people whose opinions I trust! :)

As much as I hate people asking actors about the slash, I LOVE HUGH LAURIE SO MUCH.

*cringe* Good thing he took it in stride, though. Probably because half of the UK is gay, har har.

I love Dead Like Me as well. Now that you've seen it, does it freak you out that I shipped George/Rube? Some people saw them as strictly father-daughter but oh I saw so much more :D

He does always call her Peanut! I can see that. Of course, I've kind of spent all summer getting a little squealy about Kyle from Kyle XY and his adoptive mom. *covers face*

But I mean, come on! He embraces her from behind and nuzzle-kisses her neck!!! And all the lingering looks!

You know, I just realized that I've never had real waffles. I've barely even had Eggo waffles. How sad. (And weird.)

You must have waffles. They're... they're... they're waffles!!!

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