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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

Swordfighting and baseball

That pretty much sums up my weekend. :P

Yar, piratey goodness! I'm not very good at rumbling (hand to hand combat) but after fighting a lot of people, I actually got to ultimate status! *gasp* (That's the highest puzzle skill ranking) So I tried the same thing with swordfighting and actually got ultimate in that as well, briefly, even though I don't think I'm very good at it. The key is to fight a lot.

I pimp again. If you like simple puzzle type games, and/or pirates, try this game out!

Puzzle Pirates

I went to a baseball game with my roommate yesterday. First visit to AT&T Park and I'm very impressed. Everything is really nice and new and there's tons of good food. It's right next to the bay so you have a view of the water the whole time. There's lots of boats around, and also intrepid kayakers hoping to pick up home run balls that land in the water. I still like going to Oakland games better; even though the building isn't as nice, it just feels a lot cosier. Plus, the A's play there, and A's > Giants. ;)

There is free wifi at AT&T Park. WTF?! How many people bring their laptop to a baseball game? *boggles* It was a really beautiful day for a game. Sunny and warm, but not hot. We only had to put our jackets on when we were in the shade later in the day. Bratwurst, garlic fries, hot fudge sundae. Yum!

As for the game itself, the Giants played a really good game against the Reds. Matt Cain pitched really well, Barry Bonds and Shea Hillenbrand hit really well and the Reds defense was all klutzy and butterfingered. It doesn't bode well when the catcher goes to counsel the pitcher in the first inning. :P I think I understand why Bonds is so popular in SF now. 3 for 3. He makes it look so easy.

[Edit: SJ Sharkie was at the game! It was Lou Seal's birthday (Lou Seal is the Giants mascot) and several mascots were there to celebrate with him. And then they all came out in Spiderman outfits at some point. Yeah, weird. But fun.]

Overall, I had a really good time. There's just something special about baseball games. You come out of it feeling good. You see all these families with the little kids, it's all very laidback, you get to hang around with friends, enjoy some ballpark food, get some sun and fresh air. It just makes me feel better. Going to try and catch a couple more games before the season ends. :)

biorhythm! I've been watching Dead Like Me on the SciFi Channel and liking it so far (3 episodes). You're the one who likes it, right? I started TiVoing it cos' you'd talked about it.

Hockey hockey hockey! I'm making a couple of hockey-related trips before the end of the year. :) In less than 2 weeks *squeaks* me and Lira *tackles* are going to LA to watch Pacific division babies with Tammy! :D And then I'm going to Florida in late October with tersa to watch the Sharks play in Tampa and Miami, and meeting redden6 and seachanges while we're there. *hops*

In case I forget, Lira, I still have that scratch and win thingie that's good for 2-for-1 plaza level tickets for Monday-Thursday games. Looking at the remaining schedule, I think this leaves the Indians series (9/18-21). Interested? :)

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Two things:

1. I had no clue that Dead Like Me was on SciFi ... THANK YOU!!!!!

2. I love your icon ... it's amazing!!!

It's actually about 10 episodes in at this point, but I just had them saved up on my TiVo and just started watching this weekend.

Thank you! It's raindrops on a car. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was Photoshopped or something. I love it. :)

Wheeee piracy!

Laptops? baseball game? huh?

Yar! I've been trying to mem Viridian lately. Craziness, huh? I like duty nav, though. And I finally got to ult in distilling. Basically I have to do CC^10+ every time to maintain it. Ouch. I'm trying to build up alchemistry too, and I get incred every time, but it takes me like 15 minutes to finish a puzzle. :P

Hey, did you do the sinkathon thing yesterday on Midnight?

I'm just not really sure how useful wifi is at a baseball park...

I love "Dead Like Me"! But I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who recommended it to you. :)

I will check out "Puzzle Pirates"...but not until later this week, or I will get nothing done. :)

I've only watched 3 episodes so far, but I like the cast who play the reapers a lot. :)

That's a good plan. :)

Ooh, which Pacific division babies are you going to see?

I think I will be making a hockey-related trip to San Jose, this season, myself. Becaaaauuuuse. . . the Sharks are playing the Penguins!! Finally!!!! ::cries:: And they're playing them out *here!* AAAiiiiiiEEEEE

::composure:: I will get to see my first live NHL game, and it will be my babies and only a couple hours' drive. This is, I think, the best I could possibly hope for.

All of them except the Stars babies will be at the rookie tournament. :D

Aww, how exciting!!! If I go to that game we'll have to meet up. :)

I made a new pirate for viridan :D

Yay! Did you manage to get Frala there too?

I already had frala still there with brown hair but I made rooby too hehe

There are pets now! You should have a pet rat in your booty!

I do! his name is ronnie :P

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