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Badass Ult!

The main purpose of this post is to announce that I am currently the #1 Badass Ult in Puzzle Pirates for the Viridian Ocean.

All of you can now officially refer to me as "badass". You can start now.

Just had a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory with my second cousin. I now have enough food (chicken and biscuits--biscuits are my new thing) for two more meals. *burp*

Finished reading California Girl by T. Jefferson Parker last night and really enjoyed it. It's a mystery set in SoCal in the '60s and I think what appealed so much to me about it is its unsentimental description of the time, place and atmosphere. It bugs me when people sentimentalize the past.

Also just read a very interesting article about a transgendered scientist who argues that it's bias rather than biological differences that account for why there are so few top women scientists. This was the bit of evidence that was the most convincing to me:
In his essay Barres points to data from a range of studies showing bias in science. For example, when a mixed panel of scientists evaluated grant proposals without names, men and women fared equally. However, when competing unblinded, a woman applying for a research grant needed to be three times more productive than men to be considered equally competent.

Barres examines gender, science debate and offers a novel critique
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