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Not sleeping sucks

I'm like, scared to watch the Sharks/Flyers game tonight. *ahem*

Thanks to my lack of sleep, I think, I'm still sore from my Monday workout. *pokes biceps* Yup. But Hawaii calls, with kayaking and hiking and surfing, so I'm going to nap at the office and head to the gym later. *cheers self*

And Chip has finally ceased with the denial. We were watching hockey highlights last night and they were showing Canucks stuff, and I was like, "So many people like Nazzy, but poor Bert doesn't get much love." And he immediately responds, "I like him. He's hunky."

He also keeps offering to bring me beer while I'm watching hockey cos' I always shush him if he tries to talk to me. I don't know why, but that really bugs me somehow, like it breaks my concentration. Well unless we're talking about the game, that's different. :)

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