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Zombies Invade San Francisco!

So, zombies invaded San Francisco yesterday and I was there for the whole thing!

This is across the street from where I work. I didnt' see where the zombies came from, but I assume that they shambled out of the subway...

Why zombies? No reason!

There was a pre-planned route for the zombies to shamble along. If you wanted to be attacked by them, you just put duct tape on your clothing and wait along the way. Here's the massacre near the cable car stop:

Just some zombies shambling their way to Union Square:

Zombies attacking the Apple Store:

I didn't feel like being a zombie myself, so I just went to gawk. The zombies were late (guess the undead don't really care about punctuality) but so was I, so I was just in time to hear the first groans of "braaaaaaaains" come across the street!

Quite a few people were attacked and zombified along the way, leaving trails of blood, so it was quite the mob that ended up in Union Square, attacking a few more people as a live band played. They started up a chant of "Brains! Brains! Brains!" and groaned appreciatively when the band finished their song.
Fun stuff I witnessed along the way:
  • A very grim-looking family of Spanish or Italian tourists. The father watched the zombies from across the street and kept intoning "zohm-bees" solemnly.
  • There was a guy with a "God hates zombies" sign. He stopped to talk to the "Jesus Christ Loves You" sign guy who's always at Powell while the zombie massacre was going on.
  • As he passed a Starbucks, a zombie lunged at a window and groaned "espreeeeeeeeesso".
  • The zombie leader asked the mob whether they wanted to invade the Virgin megastore or the Metreon, but then they noticed Scientologists across the street outside Old Navy and attacked them instead.
  • The zombies started groaning "no braaaaaaaains" when they attacked the Scientologists. The Scientologists were not amused.
  • A little girl asked her mom about them, and her mom told her they were zombies. After some consideration, she asked, "Are they still people?"
  • One of the zombies asked me politely if he could eat my brain.
  • [Edit: A ghetto guy at the massacre seemed to be put off by them and yelled, "Fuck y'all zombies!" at them.]

Blog with more pictures and links: Zombies Invade San Francisco!

My week of eating vegetarian food worked out pretty well! The only problem I had was that because it made me just as full, but had less calories, I don't think I was eating enough and felt sleepy and tired, which I thought was just because I was short on sleep. But I ate very well! I stuck to Asian vegetarian, because I think it's much tastier. Something to do with the Buddhism tradition or whatnot, I guess.

And because it made me crack up:
WANTED: Gay Men and Their Dogs!
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