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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Damn lookalikes

So in the gym locker room last night, CNN was on TV and it seems to be all Karr all the time right now, and it really disturbs me, not just because of how horrible that whole case is, but because he really reminds me of JS Giguere. :(
Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Anaheim goaltender.John Mark Karr, pedophile and alleged murderer.


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Good music choice to the post *g*

So *that's* who he looked like. People were saying Nicholas Cage and it did look like him.

Oh yeah, I can see that resemblance too, but it's closer to Giguere. *sighs*

Aw...poor Jiggy baby. *cuddles*

I just need to... not watch the news, heh.

Oh ew.

Glad to know Jiggy's still packin, though.

And his face was on all the newsstands while I was walking to work. *shrieks*

Wow. That's...pretty traumatic, actually.


(Deleted comment)
He's all over the newsstands too! Argh!

I can't wait for something else to take over as top news item.

Well you know what they say, everyone has an evil twin.

Holy Hell I was just buying into the Karr looks like that Terminator 2 guy thing and HAPPY with life and now you taint Giggy you hor!!!!!! *weeps with you* *clings* *falls over*

Yeaaaaah. Sadly he resembles him the most. *sniffles*

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