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Late post about the weekend

Went to the Devil Rays at A's game on Saturday with Lira and it was really fun! It was sooooooo good to see her, as always. :)

Anyway, it was Wine Festival day, so they had wine tasting a couple of hours before the game. It was huuuuuuuuuge. There were like, 30 wineries there (representin'!) or something. So, it was $10 for 5 tastes, where the people pouring the wine interpret "taste" as half a glass. :P Even though I poured out a lot of wine, I think I still ended up drinking something equivalent to a glass, which sounds like very little, but isn't for a lightweight like me, and led to
  • much giggling
  • going half-blind going up the stairs to the bathroom
  • sitting down on the way to the bathroom feeling pukey
  • sitting on the toilet and dozing for half an inning
  • sitting down on the way back from the bathroom feeling pukey
  • feeling pukey back in my seat and staring at the ground focusing on dolphins (why dolphins?!) to not puke
  • shivering after the sun went down because alcohol makes me cold
  • bumming a blanket from the family next to me
  • squishing Lira because she didn't have a jacket and was coooold too
  • squishing Lira for fun, hee!

I was drunk for 3 hours on 1 glass of wine.

It doesn't sound like much fun when described like that, but it was really, really fun, cos' I got to hang out with Lira, hehe! It was a good game too (for the A's, heh heh) especially that 2nd inning where 5 guys walked, 2 of them for runs. *grin* And some nifty defensive plays too. I've been seeing good things from Eric Chavez the past few games so I kind of like him. :)

[Edit: Major hivemind moment. Lira and I had both had biscuits and gravy for breakfast that day and hadn't had them for at least a year before that. *boggles*]
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