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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Why yes, I'm excited

I shared the good news with Chip, and he had the following question after I told him about the MRI: before you're an Oiler we have to check your crotch?

Then he asked quite seriously which ex-lover or flame Petr was reuniting with. Oh, I have trained him well.

ETA: Posting here so I can remember. Team 1260's interview with Petr produced only one new thing, which is that he kinda' dissed the Anaheim crowd by saying that they're not really behind the team during the games, which I can attest to from the two games I've watched there, one of them a playoff game in the second round.

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I'm still weirded out by anything but Devils colors on him. But hey, better than the Rangers!

I think he looks okay in most uniforms. Probably because he's a big slut.

He looks all happy and stuff. :)

I'm just glad he's back in the Western Conference...I missed him most nights since the NYR games were usually done by the time I can get home.

And now he's going to score 12 billion goals on the Sharks again! *weeps*

he needs his teeth whitened.

The sad thing is, those are fake teeth.

Yaaaaaay for Petr! That's awesome.

I hope he does well so there will be lots of ESL interviews!

Tell me you heard Lupul's interview just before 5 PST.

You know, I've already forgotten what it was you told me that Lupul said. He was trying to say something nice about Petr? *scratches head*

he looks cute there. Also chip? such an honoury slasher.

I am over players going to Edmonton and then dissing the Anaheim crowd.

Who did that? Did Lupul do that? But they do kind of suck. Boo Ducks fans.

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