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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

The fate of Petr Sykora depends on his groin!!!

First, thanks to greatkate for sharing the info last night about Petr signing in Edmonton pending a medical exam (my brain went, "Groin! Groin! Groin!"). I'm relieved and happy to know where he's going--finally.

Sykora signs with Oilers pending physical

TSN.ca Staff
8/11/2006 1:00:05 PM

Petr Sykora has signed a one-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers pending a physical, TSN has learned.

Sykora is undergoing an MRI on his groin today and if he passes the physical the contract is done. An announcement is expected later today.

Unrestricted free-agent forward scored 23 goals with 51 points for Anaheim and the New York Rangers last season.

Sykora was part of the 2000 Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils.

His groin better be okay. *peers at his wife*

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(Deleted comment)
I love using it!!! And apparently his groin has passed the test. :D

Aww no more Sykora in NY.... he should take on #7 in Edmonton. :)

Why #7? I think he's probably going to stick with 17, unless that number's retired or something?

Damn! There goes my plan of signing him myself and keeping him in the closet for emergencies.

aww whore's old team *pets him* maybe aj might taqkepictures of the other side of the ice now aside from smytty ... uh probably not ;)

That hadn't really occurred to me. I feel like that should be symbolic, but... I'm coming up with nothing, haha. :P

If you want to hear any Edmonton radio-ness about this the best one is Total Sports at 4 pm your time, cfrn.com

Woo, thank you! I'm listening to his radio interview on the Oilers site. He has much love for Ales. :)

I love his defensiveness, when the guy said he's not young anymore. "I think I'm still a young guy!"

And I love so many other things too. Will squeal properly when I get home.

He's kind of a snarky bastard, heh.

Yay! I'm sending him good groin vibes or . . . something slightly less weird.

Also, you know, it's ABOUT DAMN TIME.

Yeah, this has been rumoured for sooooooo long. Thank goodness his groin didn't let him down!

I spit my diet pepsi all over the key board when I read that he had a MRI on his groin. I was like that is a plot bunny ready to be hatched....any takers!!!!

I like how they revealed that it was specifically his groin that was being MRIed. It makes me happy.

Hemsky/Sykora? A lot of it? I think so. :p

He's already shared much love for Ales in his interview! Oh man, if they play on the same line... *sighs*



You so said "gross" in the Napoleon Dynamite voice in my head.

Which makes sense because he and Modano are the same person.


My first thought when I heard about this? 'His GROIN?! Sykora, you slut!"

And I don't know what his WIFE has anything to do with it, considering how many boyfriends the guy seems to have. ;)


As he says in his interview, he can "get used to anyone".

Yes! A nice new home with lots of media attention, muahaha!

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