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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bay area slashers, unite!

Dinner with Caat last night was really fun! And I found out she really likes Whore! *squeal* Must pester her to write Whore!fic. She actually printed out 15 pages of fic but left it home. *sniffle* I want Caat!fic ... Sturm/lesbian/Shields *dies*

Lira!!! How busy are you this weekend? Caat and I are thinking of meeting up again. :) Or maybe during your winter break. (whenever that is)

Haven't watched Caps/Sharks yet. Since I was an idiot and accidentally saw the score last night, I can pretty much watch it anytime. Watched Buffy and Brett Hull beyond the glory instead.

Chip was very impressed with the 5209507671 goals Hully has scored. And he had this to say when he first started watching it ...

Chip: Who's that?
Mae: Brett Hull.
Chip: Didn't recognize him. He doesn't look cocky enough.

He also launched into a whole spiel about how Mikey Mo looks like a college student, and how specifically he looks like your college roommate. Funny, my college roommate looked nothing like him.

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*thinks* nope not liek my college roomates either, or there would have been some mauling going on LOL!!

*giggle* I didn't know you liked him!

*ggg* Ohh I do a lot!! :) Not as much as Aj so I tend to tease her about him but I do lurve him too :)

Aww ... that is so cute!!! And now the question is ... do whore and Mo have something going on? *grin*

OH YES!! they have to!! *gg*

Hmm... can you hold this meeting off until June? I'll be in SF for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah... *giggle*

We'll have another one! *cheer*

re: Bay Area slashers, unite!

This weekend= Lira running around trying to learn all the things she decided were unimportant during the quarter so she doesn't fail her finals. But winter break is totally doable. My schedule is wide open at the moment, although I hope to have a temp job over break. But there's always time for dinner with some of my favorite fellow deviants. ^_~ Set it up, girly.


Re: Bay Area slashers, unite!

...we're supposed to LEARN stuff during the semester? I thought were supposed to leave it till like, oh... this week and cram it all in there at once...

...I've been doing it wrong this whole time!

Ahhhhhhh! She *must* write Whore fic! *g* But really, dude, how could she not love Whore? It's a freudian thing..

And BCH..so fucking cocky.

I told what you said to me to my roomie's bf and he was like, "wtf?" *g* I don't think he got it.

Hull scored 5209507671 goals?

I thought it was 5209507672?

*scratches head*

Chip's a funny guy :p

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