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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Czech Sexonice

Like he was making love to him

Hey, apparently I can embed videos now! :D

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*grin* Thanks! I think that clip validates Petr's stint in Anaheim, haha.

Fantastic! It is kinda sad that the only guy still on the team is Andy, though.

Dude, I was just thinking that, and this clip is only from 2 seasons ago! Poor Andy, all abandoned and stuff.

I love this every time I see it.

Salei's line totally makes it, hahaha.

I know! And one thing I never noticed before...when Vinny lands on Petr, Petr's knees come up towards his head. *dies*

*giggle* At least once per game, Petr ends up on his back with his legs in the air. Sometimes, it's completely of his own doing! I saw him try to jam a puck under the goalie and he lost his balance and fell on his ass...

Omg... I am dying! That is so great! lol. "Those czech guys are so embarrassing!!" *dies* I love the subtitles beneath their names. God! *wipes tears away*

Yes! "Onlooker", "Shocked", "Still Shocked". Truly brilliant. :D

Or the best was was "Feeling the love". lol

Man IT'S ABOUT TIME! I was wondering when we'd be able to embed shit on here.

God I love that fucking video.

I knoooooooooow. Good thing it's the off-season and I have no new videos, haha. ;)


That made me laugh SO HARD!!! thank you I needed that more than anything right now....

*giggle* I love that they actually had the idea to make that segment! :)

Yea... it's fab, I love the little subtitled undr their names *giggles*

that is just great. I just get lost in Petr's eyes. He is just too cute.

Apparently Prospal thinks so too. :P

*bursts out laughing*

"He just JUMP on Sykora!!"

Like he was making love to him!

That's obvious to us, but when a player says it? Hee!

Ahaha, best thing ever. EVER, in the history of everdom.

I think all hockey segments about the boys off-ice should be written, directed, edited and produced by gay men.

God that is one of the best videos EVER

Petr's entire Ducks stint is worth it just for that clip.

(Deleted comment)
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