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The Invincible M.A.E.

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That (stinking) Russian

Recently, I've gotten sucked back into Puzzle Pirates. "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." Lari, it was rumble. I love rumbling. I'm terrible at it, but I love it. I'm even looking at houses, maybe a little cottage on Kirin. Put a wardrobe, sword rack and bludgeon chest in there so that nothing falls apart anymore.

Anyway, if y'all like puzzle games (Bejeweled, Tetris, etc) and/or you like pirates, you should check it out! There's a refer a friend thingie, where you and I get PoE (Pieces of Eight, har!) if you follow this link:
Puzzle Pirates
The Viridian ocean, which is where you should end up, can be played in full for free.

Petr speaks
Petr said in an interview that he'd love to return to NY to be with his Czech homies, contradicting his agent's statements. This seemed kind of obvious to me, but umm, I don't think he'd come out and said it after the season ended. Apparently, Rich Winter either doesn't speak to his clients, or doesn't understand Czech accents. ;) Nah, really, I think he's just doing whatever to get the most $$$, which is fair enough.

He wants to play in the East because he's a big pussy and can't handle the travel schedule in the West. There's a translated interview at The Hockey Rodent.

Sykora Wants To Stay

Thu, Jul 20, 7:15 PM Pacific

Unrestricted free agent Petr Sykora spoke with Pavel Barta of DNES, Prague's largest daily. Petr expressed surprise and dismay that Glen Sather does not appear interested in rehiring the scoring right winger.

"Is it true that you are not willing to continue in New York?"

I’d love to return. If not for anything else than to remain as one of the [Czech] boys. The Rangers are a fantastic organization. Everything they do is professional - at the highest possible level. But I haven’t received any offers. After the end of last season I haven’t heard from them at all.

"When did you begin fearing they don’t have an interest?"

When they brought in Shanahan from Detroit. Before him, they signed Martin Straka and the next one should have been Martin Rucinský. He has some problems too, I think. It began to be clear that one of us will have to go. And most likely it will be me.

"Were you satisfied on Broadway?"

Everything was fine! Super! The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with was my ice time. I played just fourteen minutes on average. I believe eighteen would be ideal for me. On the other hand, I was on the power play and had a chance to play fifteen games on JJ's unit.

"Under those conditions would you re-sign?"

After the season I spoke with coach [Tom Renney]. He said it could happen – that [eighteen minutes] was possible. He told me they would bring a center for me on the second unit. I had no idea I could lose my job with the Rangers.

"Are you disappointed?"

If they had any interest they would at least have given me an offer. Maybe a bad one - but at least something. I am not disappointed. I am only very surprised. I was happy in New York. From what they said after the season they were satisfied with me as well. But since that point in time, nothing has happened.

"Would moving mean a lot of worries for you?"

It will depend upon where I will sign. I have a flat in New York through the end of July. After then I will probably lose it. My era in New York is most likely over. You never have security.

"Did you hear from other clubs?"

Yes. But nothing I would really long for. I wish to remain in the Eastern Conference [where clubs have less travel]. All the offers I got were from Western Conference clubs.

"You don’t want to return to “traveling madness”?"

With Anaheim sometimes it was completely crazy. We’ll see what happens. I should know more by the end of this week. I’d love to stay where I am.

"And Montreal?"

They were choosing between me and that Russian.

"Sergei Samsonov?"

Yes. I believe he fits much more as a left wing. This option has now passed. We'll talk with other clubs.

I love that he refers to Samsonov as "that Russian", like... that stinking Russian!!!

I've been reading a softer world ever since, umm... adgy, I think? linked to some strips, and I loved today's, especially.

It made me realise that I miss comics. I just got this sudden longing to read something, but I don't know what's good now. adgy, got any recommendations? :P I'm not a big fan of superhero comics, though, which is like... 90% of the comics out there, I think, haha. But just, wow, would they be a good antidote to that generic big fandom writing style.

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I love a softer world, I've been reading it since you linked to it.

I know what you mean about comics, I liked some in canada, sort of rl strips that I bought from a place in Spadina (like of hand made stuff, almost zines) and a lot of it was young woman in the city and that sort of thing. i wouldn't even know where to start to get them here or in english.

It's just such a nice medium for conveying ideas and emotions at the same time. And in general, they don't waste words. *loves*

I'm already in Puzzle Pirates! :D

Do you mean real comics, like you buy in a store, or webcomics?


Actual comic books. I like the miniseries stuff the most, I guess. :)


Well. I think that would probably get you to write more Arkora fic. :P

You changed your layout! Unfortunately that means I can't read what I'm typing right now because the font color is too dim. But it is tiny and cute. Hopefully there are no typos.

Funny you should feel this way as I am taking a class on comics and attending comic-con. :P

But if you do want recs, Megatokyo is really good, as is Flight. Both are graphic novels, Flight being more fantasy and Megatokyo being more 'real life computer nerds struggle to deal with crazy shit'.

Perhaps that's why they've been on my mind...

Uhh... is that anime style?

Ooh, I have this layout for my braindump journal, and I like it a lot. And your header! ::sniff::

I've quit trying to guess where Petr's going; it's hopeless. Although I'm really horrified that Montreal was actually that close, so I'm just . . . not thinking about that.

a softer world is really cool. :)

I've finally found a layout I'm happy with! I'll keep it for at least 5 years now. :P Natuzzi is like the epitome of hockey slash for me. *sniffle*

It was rumoured that he'd had an offer from Boston, so maybe he'll take that, since he's such a big pussy.

It is! If only they did one every day. *giggle*

puzzle pirates! i started on it but gave up since I had to download a program for it and I didn't know what I was supposed to with my character.

Meep! I think you need Java, but then it should be able to install from within the browser.

When you start out, there should be a tutorial thing where it teaches you bilge and swordfight, then after that if you click on the notice board it should list missions that will teach you more puzzles.

(Deleted comment)
The funny thing is, he never seems to be all that strange in television interviews, but in written interviews, he says really weird things.

Duuuuuuuuude, I'm so anxious about where he's going to end up, and really, it doesn't even matter all that much. I know he's not going to sign somewhere I can't live with, so why be so curious, right? But I am. :P

Thanks! I wanted something with hockey slash, since that seems to be the theme of my LJ, and Natuzzi is still the epitome of that, for me. :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Oh, Sykie, Sykie, Sykie. I would sign you. You could help take care of my chinchilla.

You know, considering that PJ has been electrocuted, and run away, then come back "beat up and skinny", I'm not sure that you want him looking after Harpo.

How's the Azure Rebellion these days?

Comic Book recommendations

Y The Last Man
Queen & Country
The Losers
Ex Machina

Go buy some graphic novels!!!

Re: Comic Book recommendations

Ahh, thank you!!! I'll try to find them at the nearby comics store or online. :D

i <3 a softer world. i've been reading it for forever, but i periodically forget about it for months and then catch up. the christmas one is still my absolute favorite: "why would you give her something that's broken?"

you should geek with ocie about comics, he'll tell you what's good now (according to him). i've got some stuff you can borrow if you want, like 1602 and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Y: The Last Man is good although i haven't finished it (stupid schoolwork). uh...there's other stuff but my brain is friend. i also have a bunch of old age of apocalypse comics if you want to read them. :p

Yes! I think that one's my favourite too. :)

Ahh... 1602 is... umm, is it Gaiman? I know someone I like worked on that. And LXG is one of the ones I've wanted to read! Your bf is so geeky, haha, I love it.

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