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Sports is so gay

Okay, so first I discover Beginner's Buttslapping (bottom video on the right), which talks about how you don't want to "cup, because cupping implies the wrong thing", then I find this thingie on Emmitt Smith's retirement:
"Daryl, I love you to death," Smith said to Johnston, who attended the news conference. "You've been there with me through thick and thin. I don't know why every time I think of you, I end up breaking down."


Placing his hand on one of two Cowboys helmets on the table in front of him, Smith said to Jones: "You don't know how much this star means to me and how much you and your family really mean to me. The Super Bowls and all are great, but to have you believe in me in the manner in which you have, I truly, truly am in debt to you."

"Your place with the Dallas Cowboys has always been secured," Jones responded. "You were always a Dallas Cowboy. I am here today to claim you forever more as a Dallas Cowboy."

And then he got up from bended knee, picked him up in his arms, and walked out of the room as little girls followed, scattering flowers.

I have the A's game on right now, but I might be leaving soon... hurry up, A's! Score, already! (Ahh, nice catch, Payton!)

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