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Petr the Enforcer!

So, while doing a search for something Joolzie-related, I came across this recap from an 04-05 Metallurg Magnitogorsk game:
Ten minutes into the third period there was an altercation on the ice when Khimik’s bluliner Zabolotnev hit Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) with his stick. Sykora stepped in for the young center, but the referees stepped in before the fight could get out of hand.

Okay, this is like... $#&@)%&)@)&#$ First of all, Petr defending Malkin's honour!!! (Or just defending anyone's honour, for that matter.) Malkin is 4 inches taller than him! Okay, he weighs 10 pounds less, but still! And the idea that a fight involving Petr could "get out of hand"? Muahahahahahahah!

Argh, I really have stuff to do at work, but I'm all inspired to write. The 4400 fic, of all things. Time travel and the Oregon Trail. I have this whole romantic notion of pioneer times. I mean, I know it was awful and tons of people died in various ways, but I just love the idea of people setting out for the unknown, always moving moving moving to find something new, better.

And then there's Natuzzi fic started in 2004. And JS fic started in 2003. Argh!
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