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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tom Preissing

So long, evil genius. So long, ficcage.

I've posted the last part of Candy Days! Thanks very much for all the feedback, guys! :)

TP and a prospect are gone for Mark Bell. I have a personal attachment to TP. I was going to marry him and we were going to be really boring together. *sniffle* I do think Mark Bell is a very good player, though, and even better, he's a left wing! It would be so nice to see what he can do on a line with Joe and Cheech.

Someone in sjsharks referred to him as "this bell mofo" and I think I'm just going to refer to him as that forever!

This trade is still sinking in for me, all aspects of it (TP going to Ottawa, Marty going to Chicago, and Bell coming to San Jose). I haven't even really thought about Thorty, Alyn, Brown and Grier all that much yet. I guess on opening night, I'll suddenly burst into tears, screaming, "My team! My team!" (If my roommate isn't at home.)

Candy Days, Part 10 )

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I guess on opening night, I'll suddenly burst into tears, screaming, "My team! My team!"

I may text message you that, regardless of whether or not your roommate isn't at home. ;)

I know how you feel. The trades have sunk into me, but I'm already getting the "where's my team?" feeling. I know it's part of improving, etc, but I think we're in for more changes before the summer's out, and I feel that even if the heart of the team is too big to be encompassed by one small set of individuals, it at least has a hole in it that the band-aid of new, good players can't quite cover yet.

Yeah, I'm at the point where I wouldn't be as sad as I would have been earlier if either Nabby or Vesa gets traded. I feel like every season, the team has been completely different, but I don't think it will feel quite like that even after we're done with the trading.

I have ten parts to read? happy days!! but not now the prof and I are going for a walk around campus.

Hello my dear, ten parts :) yay!


Hey there! I thought I commented in your post, but... apparently not. So happy to see you back in civilization. Was kind of fearful that you were going to disappear off the face of the earth. :P

Thank you so much for the postcard, it was really lovely. :D

Do you get any hockey over there? I can send you DVDs next season, hehe.

IF ANYONE IS MARRYING HIM, IT'S ME! THE ORIGINAL TP. We could have been boring TP squared.

I barely have any attachment to him and *I* was sad and rewatched all the Shark Byte epis you have of him.

Ahh, I totally hadn't thought of that! And then you could get like, monogrammed towels and share them and be all pleased with how clever and thrifty you were!

Who are the Sharks going to go to for guidance now? :(

Hee my friends are getting married next summer and I'm threatening to buy them monogrammed towels - their initials will be KY... ;)

*giggle* Oh, there could be endless jokes with that...

Poor Preissing, I'm sure Spezza will be very very nice to him! . . . I hope that isn't too traumatic for him. :P

And and and I loved the end of Candy Days but I will tell you later because I am being rushed off my own computer AAAH!

TP has dealt with Germans who have the same bedroom(!!!) and cars, consoled Finns and Swedes, and counseled baby defensemen. I think he will get along just fine with Spezza! :D

Hee, thank you so much!!! :)

I was going to say I understand the "My team!"-ness but then I realised that this isn't anything so much as things going back to the way they used to be. Except with Roli. Uhhh, yeah.

But you do, though, right? Cos' your team's had so many guys come and go over the years. But I guess the core makes the team feel the same?

A little. That, and we've never really been able to keep any bona-fide "superstars," no matter what.

Hallo. Frala said I should friend you because of fic and because she says you are fun. And I do what Frala says cuz she's awesome.

And I also have to admit, I read all of Candy Days and loved it, but I was horrible about commenting. Heh.. not exactly a good way to introduce one's self, huh? I really did love how you ended it too. For so many reasons.

Hee, Frala is totally awesome!!! *squishes her*

And thank you so much!!! I'm glad you liked. :) Oh, and I wrote a sequel to Making the Band, with Alfie replacing Marian after he was traded. *giggle*

So I sat down today, and read "Candy Days" from start to finish (Well, I read "Supernova" as well) and just wanted to give you some of my pretty lame feedback:

Supernova - I don't know why I hadn't read this before. (Actually, I think I had a reason, and I think the reason was Darcy Tucker. Heh. But I sort of got over that when I FINALLY read A Long December. Hee.) But...SLAJKHSAJGDSJKHDJKD. Mae. I LOVE the juxtaposition between the feelings of the boys and their homophobia. I really love how the situation and issues are handled; I love the way that it gives a glimpse to what could be, but isn't because they keep holding themselves back.
And drunken conversations about reincarnation; this story's got it all!

Candy Days - Your Petr is a fantastic narrator. I like the difference between the relationships of Petr and Jason, and Petr and Andy;
it's like learning to finally break away to something familiar and broken and trying something shiny and new for the first time - it's bittersweet but ultimately really lovely. The ending isn't necessarily sad - in fact, it's one of the most realistic and true to life endings I've read in awhile - and while the narrator grows from his experience, it's sad that he doesn't really get his happily ever after: you sort of get a glimpse of what could be, but not really.

I got in line and watched him go, and I thought, I could have loved him.
:( I think I might secretly be a romantic at heart.

What I'm trying to say, in my long-winded, book report-ish feedback, is that I really enjoyed those two pieces. Thank you so much for writing and sharing them.

*squeaks* Thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me when people like that fic, cos' it was something I was really nervous about (you can ask Robyn, hehe). :)

Eee, I'm glad that came through, I wanted to kinda' contrast the two relationships. And yeah, I think all of us, as we get older accumulate "what ifs" and it's kind of nice to think about them, and also a little bittersweet sometimes.

Thank you again. *beams and hugs*

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