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So long, evil genius. So long, ficcage.

I've posted the last part of Candy Days! Thanks very much for all the feedback, guys! :)

TP and a prospect are gone for Mark Bell. I have a personal attachment to TP. I was going to marry him and we were going to be really boring together. *sniffle* I do think Mark Bell is a very good player, though, and even better, he's a left wing! It would be so nice to see what he can do on a line with Joe and Cheech.

Someone in sjsharks referred to him as "this bell mofo" and I think I'm just going to refer to him as that forever!

This trade is still sinking in for me, all aspects of it (TP going to Ottawa, Marty going to Chicago, and Bell coming to San Jose). I haven't even really thought about Thorty, Alyn, Brown and Grier all that much yet. I guess on opening night, I'll suddenly burst into tears, screaming, "My team! My team!" (If my roommate isn't at home.)

Candy Days, Part 10 )
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