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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

I'm at work - do I work, or do I read/fb fic?

Sorry, I'm in a Choose Your Own Adventure mood right now. I loved those books when I was a kid. Anyway I just wrote another pilot last night, Boyd's Journey. It's CYOA-style, about Boyd Devereaux, Stevie, Hully and Fishy.

It's hard to write! First I did an outline, then the actual writing, then I had to put the text and choices into Javascript format (because I'm a geek and I couldn't just make separate HTML pages *grin*), and then I had to write a crude "engine" to generate and display the sections of the story.

It was pretty neat when I was done though. I have a crude method of storing state, so that choices you make will affect what choices you get to make later. I will probably refine the system a little more so that it's less easy to "cheat" in the story by fiddling with query parameters, and so that you can sort of "save" your progress by just entering a code when you come back.

Today is Chip's birthday! Chip, Alex (the Russian roomie) and I don't usually celebrate our birthdays because we are lazy bums. I'm going to try and finish his birthday fic by tonight, before his birthday is over, hehe!