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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Separated at birth!

More ficcage below! :D

I saw this icon and was immediately struck by the resemblance to Sloth! Dead ringer, man!

Oh man, there were a million signings today. I was mostly happy with them, or neutral, and I don't think there were any where it was like oh shit! Some thoughts:
  • Goodbye, Thorty. :(
  • Tyler Arnason and Jose Theodore are going to try to outdo each other in terms of how low they can go. They'll go to a strip club together and get really drunk, then end up fucking and the next morning, Jose will call Tyler fat and Tyler will call Jose bald, and they won't talk again until they go to a strip club together and get really drunk and... you get the picture.
  • Curtis Brown probably isn't "super excited" to join the Sharks this time around.
  • Patty Patty Patty! Man, I cried about this signing. Argh, I'm getting weepy again right now. The disturbing thing is I don't know why. Let's just say that I'm happy for him and leave it at that. :P

Candy Days, Part 5 )

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That picture of Joe on the front page of sjsharks.com is bril.

The photographers were baiting him!

Man, I don't know which of the Heatley and the Arnason/Theodore (so true, btw) makes me want to cry harder.

And fic! Yay fic! But I'll feedback tomorrow when I won't waste wine all over it and I can, like, spell things right. :P

*grin* I can't wait to read all about their antics during the season!

I like rereading this and refreshing hehee :D *loves*

bwahahaha all true

oh thorty :(

Ahh, thanks. :)

He's got Alyn to keep him company there! Accountant!love, hehe.

(Deleted comment)
I just love the idea of two scandal magnets on the same team. Is the thought that they're going to cancel each other out or something? I will be waiting anxiously!

Hee, I started posting a few days ago. :)

(Deleted comment)
Life gets boring in the mountains.

Hee, thanks. And eep for no internet!

I'll stop using this icon eventually. Right now, I have to mourn.

*weeps over your icon*

i don't know why i'm using the mccants icon. he needs love.

so basically you're saying the end of our reign as the hottest team in the history of hockey doesn't make you want to cry?? for shame, woman. have you no heart?

i wish i'd worked up the nerve to talk to thorty, instead of just giggling nervously as he yapped at tom. :p at least i got to touch alyn. i put that right up there with grabbing daryl palumbo's ass. *sighs at the memories*

Re: i don't know why i'm using the mccants icon. he needs love.

Grabbing ass takes gusto, woman.

Re: i don't know why i'm using the mccants icon. he needs love.

It takes slightly less gusto when he's crowd surfing. But still, it was a decent squeeze. I did not, however, cup his crotch, as Jess did, which pretty much ended the who-can-molest-daryl-more competition.

Re: i don't know why i'm using the mccants icon. he needs love.

I had the idea all along that this was his last season with us, though. *sigh*

Sometimes it's nice too, to just think "what if...". Man. He'll have Alyn for company at least. Account!love.

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