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Candy Days, Part 4

Title: Candy Days
Author: Mae
Rating: R, for language
Characters: Petr Sykora, Andy McDonald, Jason Arnott
Dedication: almightychrissy, frala, lastcatastrophe, joolzie, and of course, tamiflu. :)
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: This is set just before Petr got traded from the Ducks to the Rangers and is written from Petr's POV.

Part 4

Mac nudged my shoulder gently. "Contain your excitement, Petr, everyone's staring."

"What? I'm not..." I noticed that he was grinning at me, and I realised that he was just joking. "Oh. Sorry, I was just thinking about something."

His smile faded a little, and his tone became gentle when he said, "It's not under your control, so try not to worry about it, okay?"

I was startled--how could he possibly know what I'd been thinking about? Did Teemu tell him what was going on? But I hadn't told him anything about Jason since that night, so he couldn't possibly have told him. Then I realised that he hadn't read my mind after all, and that he was talking about me being traded, and I calmed down.

Not that I was cheered up any by the reminder; I wasn't sure why I'd thought that going to Disneyland was better than staying at home and moping. It wasn't like the Magic Kingdom was going to magically help me get over Jason.

I faked a smile and nodded at him. "I'll try. Thanks for coming with me today."

"Nah, I've been waiting for an excuse to come again, I should be thanking you." He threw an arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. "Just don't tell anyone if I scream in Space Mountain."

I laughed and promised I wouldn't. Mac looked really good when he smiled like that. I turned away, telling myself that it was a bad idea to start thinking of him as anything more than a teammate and a friend. He probably wasn't into guys, for one thing - a very big thing - and I tended to develop crushes on my linemates, and that almost always turned out to be a bad thing.

Correction: always, I thought, swallowing as I tried yet again to stop thinking about Jason.

We went all over the park, went on all the rides that weren't too kiddy, and we talked while we waited in line. Of course, after I'd realised that I found him attractive, I couldn't get that out of my mind, and I was uncomfortably aware of how I liked the way his eyes widened when he got to the exciting part of whatever story he was telling me, and the way his jeans clung to his ass.

I tried to put an end to those thoughts by yelling at myself internally after each one, but I think just ended up giving myself a headache. And his ass still looked good.

What the fuck was I doing lusting after my straight linemate? The guy had taken pity on me and had been trying to cheer me up all day, and my dick had decided that meant it was open season on him.

"Cotton candy!" Mac blurted, as a cotton candy cart came into sight.

"You want to get some?" I asked, peering at him strangely.

"No," he answered, looking very caught, and starting to blush slightly.

"You sure? We can share," I suggested, walking straight towards the cart.

"No, no, really it's fine!" he protested feebly, following me. "I don't want any."

I ignored him and bought two bags of cotton candy anyway - one pink and one blue - and handed the blue one to him. He accepted after a slight hesitation, then started demolishing the contents.

I watched him in amused silence for a while before commenting, "You really like cotton candy."

He sighed and said, "I do."

"Here, have the rest of mine," I said, offering him the rest of my bag, which was still more than half full. "Why did you say you didn't want any?"

Mac munched some of the pink cotton candy at me wordlessly.

"Well?" I prompted him.

He just shook his head stubbornly, and refused to say anything until I finally changed the subject. I'd never seen him behave so weirdly before. He still had a nice ass, though.


My phone rang while we were in line for the Matterhorn and when I saw that it was Jason calling, I immediately sent it to voice mail. Mac raised his eyebrows as if to ask who was calling, but I just shrugged at him in response and he didn't say anything.

I checked my voice mail later while he was in the restroom, and Jason had left me a message.

"Hey Petr, it's Jason. Look, me being here--it's just temporary. Just until Chase gets a little better. And I'm going to tell Dina she can't just call me and expect me to come over like this anymore. It's just--he's my son, you know? I'll come to see you as soon as I can. Please don't be mad at me."

I didn't even notice Mac standing next to me until he tapped me on the shoulder. I'd been mad at myself for being attracted to him, but it had kept me from thinking about Jason, so maybe it was the lesser of two evils.

I deleted the message.
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