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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brushes with fame!

Well, a little bit more specific than that. I'm interested in hearing stories from you guys about going to school with someone famous. Doesn't matter if you never talked to them, or never took a class with them or never even saw them! If you and the famous person were in school at the same time, it qualifies.

I'll start!

I had a class with Tiger Woods for a quarter. He only showed up half the time and looked pretty angst-ridden when he did. Shortly after, he dropped out of college to make bazillions of dollars, so I don't think he was angst-ridden anymore. :D

I almost walked into Fred Savage one night. I totally wouldn't have noticed it was him except that my friend pointed it out.

Chelsea Clinton was also there at the same time I was but I never saw her because it's a huge, sprawling campus and the various departments are pretty separate. My dad was quite anxious that I'd never seen her and he told me I should find out what dorm she was in and like, hang out there, eat lunch or whatever, and I asked, "So you want me to stalk her?" and he answered, "Yes."

He was serious.

I already know certainthings's Nelly Furtado story, how about everyone else? :)

I don't think I went to school with anyone who was famous. Yet. Although one of my schoolmates was apparently friends with one of the guys from *NSync from space camp, and he showed up for her graduation with security. This was back when people cared about the guys from *NSync. (Or however you're supposed to spell it.) And one of my first-year hallmates was Morgan Freeman's granddaughter.

That's pretty hilarious! Although I can't exactly say why.

It must be weird to be a relative of someone really famous. I'd imagine everyone would pester you for... something or other from them.

Alas I have to admit that i've never really met anyone famouse (I did met team canada (world jr's) when they were in halifax but I didn't "meet" meet them just ran into them) (Unless you include the drummer from timblida [brazialian drumming group] but no one know who he is...)

My little sister however is a total dork and has met multiple famous people. (Random hockey players, including Sidney Crosby, Harrison Ford and some werid model who's name I can never remember)

Don't care about meeting famous people, just about going to school with them. :P

I didn't go to school with anyone famous, but I did go to high school with U of M's hockey goalie, Noah Ruden.

I went to high school with QB Chris Chandler, his brother and their nephew.

Had he already shown a lot of potential at that point? Was he the stereotypical jock type?

I suck and did not go to school with anyone famous, but my cousin Ian went to school with Ray Emery (goalie for the Ottawa Senators), and when I met Emery once I asked if he knew Ian, and he immediately said "Yes! He's a Leafs fan, isn't he?" *laughs* Apparently Ian and Ray sometimes see each other on the golf course in the summer and hassle each other about the Leafs/Sens rivalry.

Is that story good enough, even though it's not about me?

Haha, I like how that's the first thing he said. That must be kind of weird that he knows him!

I went to school with Aubrey Huff, a major league baseball player. He was two years older than me. That's about it.

My friend graduated from SMU a while back and Kathy Bates was honored. She apparently graduated from there. So it was cool to see her.

Was he all stereotypical jock and stuff back then?

RJ Umberger went to my high school. He was in my French class sophomore year and then he left to do the hockey thing.

... to one day be smushed in the playoffs. That's pretty cool, though, I can't imagine there are a lot of NHL players from Pittsburgh? I have no idea, actually...

I sat in Wayne Gretzky's desk in my math class!

That so doesn't count. But I couldn't help it.

To be fair, he only went to school for a day at Ross Sheppard, but whatcha gonna do?

*dies* How do you know it was his desk? Does it have his name engraved on it in gold or something? :P

Took a summer class with Jerome Benton. Who you ask? The guy who Morris Day says: Jerome! to in the song Jungle Love...in Prince's Purple Rain movie. lol...Went to high school with a couple of children's authors, but I don't remember who they are.

Aside from that, I was on the playground with Jeffrey Dahlmer when I was a toddler, and I babysat Fred Hoiberg who went on to play for the Pacers, Bulls, and Timberwolves.

*giggle* Did you watch the movie and go like, "OMG I KNOW THAT GUY!!!"

Dude, on the playground with Dahmer is kind of creepy...

Ok, I didn't go to school WITH him, but he went to my school. Ted Nugent went to my high school for a couple years before dropping out, and my Civ teacher taught him.

Later I was at his daughter's wedding, but that's not school. (Ted Nugent's daughter. Not my Civ teacher's.)

Was it a shotgun wedding? Har har har!

I always seem two degrees in this sort of thing. But Snoop Dogg's daughter went to the middle school I went to (I think she's in high school now) and I've trick-or-treated at Snoop Dogg's house. Sadly, he was not there when I asked for candy.

And one of my co-workers went to school with Beverly Mitchell and Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

Well, who knows what kind of "candy" he would have given you!

Ooh, those are pretty good ones!

My brushes with fame

This is totally true... I swear. Brad Pitt was at my apartment for a Homecoming afterparty once in college. He went to Journalism school and so did roommate at the time, and this was before he was famous at all (back when he was doing episodes of Growing Pains and Head of the Class) and I guess he came back for a homecoming or something. He even helped me clean some puke out of our bathtub. I maybe said 3 words to him, and amazingly, had no idea who he even was at the time. I just remember my roommate saying his name was "Brad" and he had graduated a few years before her.

I also worked with Lauren Holly's mom at the museum in Massachusetts.

Re: My brushes with fame

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. Brad Pitt cleaned puke out of your bathtub!!! That's craziness!!!

and I asked, "So you want me to stalk her?" and he answered, "Yes."

Ahahahaa. That's effing great.

My dad is really hilarious, and he never tries to be funny, which makes it even funnier!

Does middle school/junior high count? If so, I was in a bunch of classes in sixth grade with (possibly former...I don't know if he's on a team or not) NFL punter Kevin Stemke in sixth grade. I don't recall if he was the sterotypical jock or not...I THINK he was smart, but I didn't talk much to him (stupid anxiety disorder and me being a total geek in middle school, as opposed to now where I'm the Ultimate Geek). Oh, and he was playing soccer then, not football, because his dad was one of the local high school's soccer coaches.

My brother played basketball against NFL player Chris Samp, though. Even as an eighth grader, the kid was a good athlete.

Don't recall anything else. Be lucky I remember who I am. :p

That must be weird, to remember them when they're little, and then they grow up to be these big football players. :P