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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ze NHL Awards!

Everything pretty much went as expected. The Hart was the only award where it wasn't clear who was going to win, but they actually got the right person! It might have been for the wrong reasons (winning the Art Ross and being from the east), but it was the right guy.

I still don't like him, but I do like it when the right person gets the recognition, and it's a bonus if he's from my team. :P

Cheeeeeeeeech didn't disappoint, and looked utterly terrified while he was giving his speech. *sighs happily*

(As for Jagr, I have watched every Rangers game from early January onwards. Lundqvist's exceptional performance is the biggest reason the Rangers have done this well this season. After that would be the improved defense of the team and good penalty killing. Both of those set the stage for Jagr to have the season that he had.

Towards the end of the season, Lundqvist was injured and they had made trades that removed grit/defense from the team and that was it. The MVP should be the guy who makes the players around him better, not dependent on the players around him.)

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its funny that's how it should be and like he got vioted by players who shold know how it should be, meh

Well, in terms of being a good player as an individual, Jagr is better than Joe, but with an average goalie instead of Lundqvist, I don't think the Rangers make the playoffs.

hells yeah they dont! *nods*

Jagr is the Devil, that's why. He threatened the leagues' souls if they didn't vote for him. DUH!

Dude. Lundqvist should have won something for turning the team around in the first place. I agree with you, because if it wasn't for sharp goaltending, they wouldn't have been ANYWHERE near the place they ended in the regular season. It'd be like Ovechkin and the Caps.

I was totally disappointed.

I forgot to say that I thought Lundqvist should have won the Vezina instead of Kiprusoff, but you know, all they have to look at is statistics. :P

yeah but see... we all know Kipper was a good goalie. Granted, this was his first to win the Vezina. He didn't turn his team around... Flames have been good the past several years. Lundqvist stayed on top ALL season. In the top 3 at least.

(if he didn't win that kid probably wouldn't have came on stage...)

Hell Turco lead the league in most wins... was he a finalist? Hell no, but honestly that doens't bother me... I'm still pissed that Lundqvist lost. And I can't believe he wasn't a finalist for the Calder!

My mom said Jagr looked PISSED for not winning.

I didn't really notice that, but Lira and I were horrified at the shot of him with his mouth gaping open. *cries*

The picture of Jagr looking soulfully at the Pearson trophy freaks me out a little.

Actually I was hoping Jagr would win the Hart. He was the most important player on the Rangers this year. Without him, the offense completely fell apart as witnessed in the last 2 weeks of the regular season and in the playoffs. Yes, Henrik Lundqvist's play helped the Rangers a lot, but if you don't score, you can't win, and Jagr was the offense for the Rangers this season.

Before this season began, San Jose was picked to be a solid team with very good players. It is not Jagr's fault that San Jose crumbled worse than grandma's cookies and needed to deal for Thornton. San Jose had the likes of Marleau, McCauley and Cheechoo on their team, a good defense, and definitely some very good goaltending. They played like crap and got themselves out of a playoff spot. Thornton coming along took Cheechoo from 7 goals in 24 games to 49 goals in the next 58 games. Thornton did carry the San Jose offense after his trade there, but San Jose was always pegged to be a playoff bound team and expected to compete for the division title.

As we all remember, the NY Rangers were predicted to finish dead last. That was Jagr in training camp making comments about how the Rangers were going to make the playoffs. From the very first game he showed up to play, put the team on his back and made it almost a personal mission to take his team to the post-season. If he didn't get injured in the last couple of weeks, and if Lundqvist was not hurt, the Rangers would've won their division and fared better in the playoffs, but who's to know now.

So Jagr essentially got "punished" for being injured in the last couple of weeks and not winning the scoring title, and that also lost him the Hart. It is kind of a numbers game. I'm a big fan of Joe Thornton's, and he definitely deserved votes but I do think Jagr deserved the Hart; the Rangers wouldn't have accomplished what they did this season without him.

Anyhoo, that got a bit long :P

Jagr was injured before the playoffs? I don't think they reported it. Was it something they were hiding that they only revealed after the Rangers were eliminated?

San Jose is never judged accurately by the media because they don't have enough familiarity with the team because it's out of the way. :P We had lost all our truly veteran guys except Scott Thornton, who, although I love him, was just not doing anything much the previous season. We started the season with a ton of rookies. People were projecting a good performance based on past season's performance (where the team had already overachieved given the roster), even though the roster was weaker.

The Rangers wouldn't have accomplished what they did this season without Lundqvist either; the Sharks wouldn't have accomplished what they did this season without Joe, but you can't single out anyone else who they could have done without.

Yes, he was playing with a serious groin injury the last 2 weeks of the season. Those things always creep up somehow <_< If guys like Marleau, McCauley and Cheechoo played the way they were capable of, they would've done without Joe and made the playoffs, the same way they did in '04. Yeah, some of the vets were gone but there were two solid goalies, a good team defense and good 2-way forwards. I certainly don't want to take away Joe's impact, it was huge, but Joe basically did in SJ what Jagr did in NY from game 1.

Where did you read about this? I'm finding tons of coverage about his dislocated shoulder and subsequent surgery, but nothing about the serious groin injury.

Why did LJ eat the rest of my comment in that one? :(

It was all over MSG. Renney said it in a couple of his interviews, too that Jagr was not 100% but playing because they wanted to wrap up the division.

Round about when did they mention it? Just after the regular season? Or after the Rangers were eliminated?

It feels like half the team was injured towards the end of the regular season. It was very sad.

During the last week they let it out that he had been playing hurt since the previous week.

Ah anyway, old news now.

He had reaggravated the groin injury he had at the Olympics and then come back early from it to play at the end of the season, but it doesn't look like anything significant enough have to be mentioned widely.

Ultimately, I agree with the distinction that a journalist made--Pearson for the best player, Hart for the player who helped his team the most.

Cheech looked like me when I had to give a class presentation in spanish (for a spanish class of course). I hate public speaking and I don't speak spanish. It was a bad day. LoL At least he was gettin' an award out of it!

I'm glad Joe won, he's really a great player and got screwed over pretty badly there in Boston, so to get through all that and still play so freakin aweseomely. Deserves big kudos *clap* :)

I love how his eyes get all big and frozen, and his head doesn't move. And he's like this after so many years of media attention! I wonder how bad it was when he first started his career.

I'm glad the media were able to get over their eastern bias.

LoL yeah, he gets real stiff and it looks *like he's got no neck LoL. Poor guy he looks like he tries so hard! I don't think he's received this much media attention before this season though. and I think it'll take more than a season to get over the nervousness. LoL

It just seems like he really, really doesn't like attention, but sorry Cheech, it comes with the choice of career! *giggle*

He actually did used to get lots of attention growing up, being probably the best Moose Cree kid of his age group at the time. People would travel to watch his games in umm... whatever the level is before Junior. And I think he would give talks to other First Nation kids.

wow, I can't imagine him giving talks, he plays great, but it doesn't seem like he'd be the greatest at speaking to a group of people. Although some people respond completely different to kids, maybe he loosens up then.

I know. It's not as weird to think of him talking as it is Patty (although Patty does actually talk quite a lot now), but he just seems so shy. :)

(Deleted comment)
Haha, I don't think he did. And he's always emphasizing how great the Sharks organization is, and how welcome he feels here. :P

I read an article once about the distinction between Pearson and Hart, and he said that Pearson should basically be the best player, while Hart is the most valuable to his team. In this respect, it's worked out.

(Deleted comment)
Well, from what I've read, they were never close because Thorty left to play Junior when Joe was still pretty young and although they were both born in London, I think one of them grew up in a different city.

So they got the chance to know each other better in San Jose, but are not like super close or anything.

I more or less knew that this was Thorty's last season, given his salary and his performance, and the Sharks organization's allergy to anyone over 30. I hope that when he retires he will come back to work for the organization though. :\

*hugs* Thanks.

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