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Ze NHL Awards!

Everything pretty much went as expected. The Hart was the only award where it wasn't clear who was going to win, but they actually got the right person! It might have been for the wrong reasons (winning the Art Ross and being from the east), but it was the right guy.

I still don't like him, but I do like it when the right person gets the recognition, and it's a bonus if he's from my team. :P

Cheeeeeeeeech didn't disappoint, and looked utterly terrified while he was giving his speech. *sighs happily*

(As for Jagr, I have watched every Rangers game from early January onwards. Lundqvist's exceptional performance is the biggest reason the Rangers have done this well this season. After that would be the improved defense of the team and good penalty killing. Both of those set the stage for Jagr to have the season that he had.

Towards the end of the season, Lundqvist was injured and they had made trades that removed grit/defense from the team and that was it. The MVP should be the guy who makes the players around him better, not dependent on the players around him.)
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