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Could anyone have said it better?

So I've been poking around Warcraft 3 league and tournament sites for replays to download, because I want to watch some really skilled players play the game.

And buried in a thread on one of the sites that had been hijacked (like... every other post I think, given that it's mainly a European site), I found this impassioned post about the World Cup.

Dilated-CKid from Germany, says:
i dont like football either, but HEY GUYS, ITS WORLD CUP IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, u gotta drink&watch the games of your team, and drive drunken through the city when they won. its just like, HELL, a big party for no reason except 11 gays jumping round on grass for scoring goals. PARTYTIME PARTYTIME! this is my 4-week-patriotism time, i never thought about buying a germany-flag, but hey, now i got three of 'em and it rocks like hell M;)

I'm not sure whether "gays" was intentional or not...

Also, despite the fact that like, Turkey and Bulgaria get their own flag icons that appear next to people's posts to indicate their nationality, Slovakia has to use the Czech Republic's flag. :P

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