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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bateman wuvs Arnett!

I've been watching the extras on my Arrested Development DVDs and there's this one part where Michael and Gob almost kiss! Hee!

Then Jason Bateman actually parts his lips and Will Arnett kinda' freaks out and recoils, hahaha.

I've also been watching Band of Brothers cos' Lira's always talking it and it's really good sa far. I've watched 3 episodes so far and there's an absolutely breathtaking scene of the paratroopers landing in Normandy at night and there's planes getting shot down and machine gun fire and it's like... they jump into that.

It also makes me want to pick up a copy of Medal of Honor and start shooting. Snipers first. I hate snipers.

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I watched Band of Brothers when it was first released. It is an amazing series, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's really great. My only problem is that I can't tell the guys apart. :P I know only like 5 of them. And Ross, haha.

Ross the meanie! And then when the cute guy becomes an officer and Ross doesn't salute him, the cute guy says, "You salute the rank, not the officer." Great moment!

May I ask why the brothers almost kiss? *peer*

There wasn't a reason! They were just talking about the show and then at a natural pause in the conversation they started gazing into each other's eyes... :)

don't shoot the snipers! shifty! *protects shifty*

talk to me after you watch bastogne.

I've watched it! I've watched it!

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