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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Great game last night! I'm not really rooting for either team, but it's just wonderful to see some good, exciting hockey. But what's up with the girl in the Flames jersey? :P

I'm flipping between the A's game (A's sweep the series!) and the Portugal/Angola World Cup game and umm, after Dan Johnson's home run in the 8th (it seems like every time I watch the A's, they win! And get a run right after I turn the TV on) they show the dugout and... money is exchanging hands. Hee! It all looked very shady!

Then I flip back to football in time to hear, "the capital of Portugal is lesbian--uhh, Lisbon!" *giggle*

I'm not a football fan at all, even though I'd say it's the most popular sport in Singapore. My sister loves it and my dad would watch, so it was on a lot in my home, but just never appealed to me. Too much running around. I was thinking that now I'm more of a sports fan I might like it, but it's still not working for me. :P

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they show the dugout and... money is exchanging hands

*laughs* I love that team. And a big Yay! for the this weekend's sweep.

I am really really curious about why money was being handed around!!! Why are they even carrying money with them in the dugout??? *giggle*

Don't you owe me a Barry Zito story from 2002? ;)

Oh man, I do. I think the only thing I've learned about him since that time is that he hangs around Berkeley playing his guitar like a homeless person.

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