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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Gelateria Naia

The North Beach location of Gelateria Naia, about a block from where I live, is finally open!!!

Chip, Alex and I have been eagerly anticipating its opening for months. Chip's girlfriend had been to one of the other locations, and said that it's at least as good to Perque No in Florence, which is her favourite gelato place in the world.

Anyway, we all decided to walk in together today and (soon after I blurted, "When is the fucking gelato place going to open?") peeked in and it was open! And we got to taste stuff and it really is incredibly good. *weeps* Especially the fruit stuff, because they use fresh fruit in their sorbets and you can really tell.

They also have an unusual presentation of their gelato and sorbet.

The pineapple cracks me up! *giggle*

When I paid for my gelato (I got canteloupe and stracciatella, which is basically chocolate chip), we found out that we were the first customers! Woo!!!

Good food makes me really happy!!! Eating is one of my hobbies, haha, and I say that seriously. I'm from a country where eating is our national pasttime and everyone loves eating! Any hour of the day, you'll see people eating. Every now and then my dad would go out after dinner and buy essentially another full meal for the family because we felt like it. And I remember going to the hawker centre with my friends in the afternoon to eat lots of chicken wings. Mmm.

When we'd go to Ipoh (my mom's hometown in Malaysia), we'd eat like 5 meals a day cos' they have really good hawker food there. Unfortunately, that was while I was still in my "most things make me throw up" phase so I didn't get to enjoy. Oh well.

New Orleans is probably the only place I've been to in the US that has a comparable culture and I looooooooved it there. There's good restaurants in San Francisco of course, but I think in New Orleans the focus is on flavour, and everything else comes second. I'm thinking of the sweet potato catfish from the Red Fish Grill right now and like, all wistful and stuff. :P

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Right, so I really want to come LIVE in Gelateria Naia.


It's a good thing it's kinda' pricey or I'd get some every day. As it is, I'll probably pick up a pint on the way home tonight...

That looks so good. Cries.

It tastes really great too. Come visit SF and you can stay with me and I'll get you some. :D

It was so good! You should try it out if you're ever in SF or the East Bay.

Okay, now I'm drooling! *licks the screen* God that looks good! You're so lucky!

I love the presentation! It's really awesome, and much better than looking at a giant tub of ice cream like at a regular ice cream place. So very cool!

It's so fun! And the fresh fruit content in their sorbet is what makes it really appealing so it's like truthful advertising. :P

*grin* They do seem kind of uhh... posed, eh?

I'm not a gelato fan (maybe I've never had good stuff, I don't know), but I love the presentation in the photo!

I have had gelato in the States and it's.. good ice cream, but after you've had real gelato, nothing compares. I was very depressed when I came back from Europe because I couldn't eat any ice cream/gelato. I ate the stuff like every day over there and they had all sorts of fresh ingredients.

It looks so refreshing!
I might be going to New Orleans next month. *hopes*

All the sorbets I tried were. The pear one especially you could tell had real pear in it. Yum!

Ahh, I wonder what it looks like now. I stayed in the French Quarter and I heard that wasn't so badly affected as other parts of the city because it's on higher ground.

I know, it makes me happy that it's there--it's my happy place!

The colors! So pretty! I want some right now!

It really looked like that today! We went in just after they opened and one of the guys was still laying the fruit out.

That looks so good! I'd love to try the watermelon! :D :D There's also a really great gelato place in Santa Cruz that me and my friend went to, omg. soooooooo tasty :D

Sounds like a good place, I'd really like to try it, but getting to north beach sucks ass. no parking :( One of these days, I'll work it out and hopefully get there, after some tasty pizzy :D :D :D

Parking in most of SF is quite horrible. It's probably best to park at a BART station and take that in, actually!

You come to Chicago, you eat your way through the city, you leave happy but wearing clothing three sizes bigger than when you got here.

*whispers* I've never had gelato but that looks tasty.

It sounds like my kind of place!

It's pretty much ice cream with a different texture. There's less air content than ice cream so the flavour is more intense, but it's very, very similar. Come out here and we'll go get some! :D (Bring Robyn. Even though both of you are legal now.)

Oh man. I, too, am very tempted to lick my computer sceen right now. Thanks, Mae! d:

*giggle* And you know, now that Tammy has mentioned it, I can't stop looking at the bananas...

Dude, the "decorations" in the pans are amazing! I think I ought to go visit my cousins in SF and make a stop out there sometime...

You should! For their non-fruit gelato ones they had to be a little more inventive, putting unwrapped bars of chocolate, as well as little plastic cows on the gelato, hehe.

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