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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey quidditch!

I finally cut my hair! It looks exactly the same, but a foot shorter. :P I am happy.

Go look at what tersa and her friends did! Hockey quidditch!

Now that's a beater.

I am so bad at Warcraft 3. I am hopeless at micromanagement. If something in my troops doesn't have like, 1000 hit points and I go into a big battle, it dies. :P

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*giggles* that is so funny! I want one! we should make a NAQL!

I'd say you should play World of Warcraft, but I'd never do that to someone who actually had a real job and a social life worth living ;) That game will suck away your free time at alarming speed.

I love the hockey quiddich! I've always loved the gloves (not sure why) and that's pretty close to them :)

*grin* I try to stay away from all MMORPGs. The pirate one was okay, because there's only so much you can play of it, but the others?


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