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Oh, Drew

Thanks to some much-needed sleep, I look much less like a rage zombie from 28 Days Later and more like a normal person! I was already getting strange looks from people in public, and lemme tell you, I'm glad that I'm not normally hideous. :P

I'm glad I'm not alone in my extreme emotional reaction to Drew leaving. :P Lots of people posted to the message boards about crying when they heard about it and 67% in a poll felt sadder about him leaving than losing the series. There was a whole article in the Mercury News about Drew, and remember, hockey is not big at all here in the Bay Area, which makes it even more amazing.

Tons of people called in to his radio show in Saskatoon to tell him they loved him and would miss him and stuff and his co-host was totally stunned that everyone loved him so much, haha. I hope he does get a job with CBC or TSN so I can see him again, but it just wouldn't be the same, and I have the suspicion that he would have to stifle part of what made him so loved here to appear on national TV and might just come across as being annoying (to most people; he's always annoyed at least some people, I'm sure).

Anyway, here's a video clip of the announcement that he's leaving *cries* and ze article:
Decision to leave TV job was tough one for Remenda
By David Pollak
Mercury News

The past two seasons put it all in perspective for Sharks TV analyst Drew Remenda.

``The lockout taught me I can live without the NHL, but this year taught me I can't live without my kids,'' the energetic commentator with the shaved head said Thursday, less than 24 hours after the emotional on-the-air announcement that he was leaving the team.

``It was a double whammy,'' Remenda said, referring to play-by-play announcer Randy Hahn's public farewell to Remenda minutes after the Sharks' elimination from the playoffs. ``I knew it would be tough to say goodbye, but not that tough.''

Three years ago, Remenda, wife Michelle and their three children returned to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan -- his hometown -- because Michelle's father was terminally ill. He died in October 2003, but the family stayed to be close to Michelle's mother and sisters.

Since then, Remenda, 44, has divided his time between a spartan, TV-less apartment in San Jose and the four-bedroom home in Saskatoon where he and Michelle live with their daughter, Jordan, 14, and twin sons, Davis and Donovan, 9. It's a 1,350-mile airline commute that usually takes about eight hours of travel time.

Remenda said he was able to quit his job with the Sharks because management at the Saskatchewan radio group that has aired his daily sports talk radio show for the past year offered ``a livable wage for Saskatoon.''

The Sharks ``came up with different scenarios to get me to stay and they did everything I could have asked for,'' Remenda said. ``It's been hard because of my equity in this team and my love for the people I work with, but it came down to what I could hear in my kids' voice.''

Remenda might be a candidate for a TV role with ``Hockey Night in Canada,'' the highly rated CBC program on which he has served as a guest commentator, or TSN, the Canadian arm of ESPN. Last month, a Vancouver Sun columnist referred to him as a ``hot media commodity'' and likened him to football's Terry Bradshaw and hockey legend Don Cherry.

``We don't have anything in place,'' Remenda said of his contacts with the producers of ``Hockey Night in Canada.'' ``They make those decisions in the summer.''

If he's hired by CBC, Remenda said his family could handle the fact his new job could take him away from home from Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Linking up with another team -- even nearby Calgary or Edmonton -- would not work, he said, because the same travel problems would emerge.

Remenda joined the Sharks 15 years ago as one of Coach George Kingston's assistants. He stayed in San Jose until 1995-96, when he became the associate coach of the team's Kansas City farm club.

At the end of that season, it was the Sharks who cut ties with Remenda.

``Really, the best thing that ever happened to me was Dean Lombardi firing me as a coach,'' Remenda said. ``I found my true calling. Broadcasting became a huge passion because I could still teach people about the game.''

Remenda returned to the Sharks a year later as radio commentator, a job he held for three seasons before moving to the TV side. In addition to his role on game day, Remenda is host of ``Shark Byte,'' a 30-minute feature program on Fox Sports Net Bay Area.

Sharks director of broadcasting Frank Albin called Remenda ``a great salesman for the Sharks and for hockey. He taught the game without alienating either the hardcores or the newbies.''

Albin said that Jamie Baker, the former Shark who just finished his first season as radio analyst, is a possible replacement. Outside candidates -- and agents for two already have contacted the Sharks -- are also likely.

Remenda's departure hit Sharks fans hard. Tributes appeared on the team's Web site, and one thread asked, ``Losing Drew vs. Losing the Series: Which was worse?''

At one point, 69 percent of the 70 responses picked the announcer's departure.

``I think they're wrong,'' Remenda said when told of the vote. ``But I thank them.''

He's just a really special guy. People reacted strongly to him leaving because he's just so passionate and emotional and you can tell that he really loved what he did, and he loves the Sharks, and he loves hockey and it all came through. *weeps*

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