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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Something unexpected

The result of the game was not so surprising. The one thing the Sharks didn't have to deal with this season was injuries, and I suspect quite a few guys had them. But that's a learning experience for next time. Oilers have always been a tough match up for the Sharks ever since I started watching hockey, and ultimately they played better.

I remember being pretty upset about the Calgary series, I think - it was a long time ago - but not so much for this one. I think it's partly because we weren't even supposed to make the playoffs in the first place. Jamie the raedio guy made the comment a couple of weeks before the playoffs started that he didn't believe the Sharks were a Cup contender this year, but getting into the playoffs to give all the young guys some experience was important, so mission accomplished in that respect. If anything, the team probably played better than my expectations.

So I was actually feeling pretty okay about the Sharks, but then after the game Randy announced that Drew was leaving and both of them started crying and, OMG I started bawling. Yeah, I don't understand it either. I think it was just the shock. I was prepared for a Sharks loss, but not for that. Like, I don't know, Drew is just so passionate and funny and says things like "get your rocks off" (I don't know if he understands what that means, and why he shouldn't have said that on air :P) and he hosts Shark Byte and... I don't know, I'm going to miss him so much.

Like if one of our players got traded, I'd still be able to watch him play, but when will I ever hear Drew call a Sharks game again? This just seems so weird and wildly inappropriate that I'm more upset about losing Drew than the Sharks losing, but I am.

Anyway, it's going to be an interesting round 3 and SCF with any combination of the teams left. There's still some good hockey to be enjoyed, and of the four teams left, there isn't any one that's clearly better than the rest, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the playoffs.

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[gasp] I was actually rooting for the Sharks.

Jen said I lost my mind. I love the Oilers though, but I was still rooting for the Sharks. I just can't hate them anymore. It's not possible.

I love the Cheechoo train and your goalies. They're evil! I was so hoping they'd push the series to game 7... :(

*giggle* Aww! Yeah, I was hoping they would at least lose at home. :P But this is okay, too.

Losing always sucks but very well played by the Sharks.

As I said before the series, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I wasn't a fan of either team! :P

That is sad because I always hear you talk about Drew and Randy, and they seem like such a good duo! *hugs*

They both cried. And Drew said to him, "I love you, partner, you've made me a better broadcaster."

Awww, no more Drew and Randy stories! :(

I knoooooooooow. Randy will never be that gay with anyone ever again.

Awww man, I'll totally miss Drew!

I knooooooow, who else will ever be that gay with his partner on TV? *sigh*

I'm sorry things didn't work out for you, since I know you're a real Sharks fan. The West has indeed been wild. And losing one of your "guys" isn't fun.

I was browsing message boards, and a ton of people talked about how they cried about Drew and that it was more upsetting than losing the series. He's just so much more than a colour guy. :)

It WAS a very entertaining series! Even though I was at work for most of it. -_-;

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* His family moved back to Canada... during the lockout, I think, and basically he wants to spend more time with them. I'd imagine that with the Sharks schedule, he was away from home most of the time and he has a 14-year-old daughter and 10-year-old twin boys.

He'll be working full time on his radio show in Saskatoon now. You could tell he really loved the job, though, and that's why he was crying at the end.

I have to say that despite the fact that I'm cheering for the Canes and have enjoyed their play, the Sharks-Oilers series has been my favorite to watch so far.

Aww! :) I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :)

That was some damn fine hockey. Thanks for that.

Hello, stranger! :P Was a good series indeed, congrats.

ARUGH. :( so much dissapointment.

I was definitely bummed about us not winning the series. I honestly thought (once november was over) we had a serious shot at the cup. It was a hard crash and burn for me to watch, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I didn't watch the game cause it was too much anxiety LoL (finals fill me with enough stress as is) ...and then only today I read in the sj article that it was Drew's last game!!!! He's my favorite! I've been a fan for *counts years* omg. 10 years now. (geez i feel old) and he's always been there. And now, I can't believe he won't, who will host Shark Byte?!?!!? and who will do the quick quizzes, he's so awesome and personable! such a sad sad day.

Re: ARUGH. :( so much dissapointment.

I was just happy we made the playoffs! :P

Someone put up the clip of Randy and Drew announcing that Drew was leaving, and... you should watch it with tissues handy.

Man, I was really bawling about that. And bawling today too, listening to his interview with Gary Radnich (summary here) and listening to Drew's radio show and all the Sharks fans calling in to tell him how much they appreciated him and stuff.

*hugs lots*

ahh no more drew and randy is really sad!

*hugs* Man, maybe in a few years when his kids are grown up, he'll come back. *sniffles*

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