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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I got an email telling me that one of my video clips had been removed for copyright violation and it was the MLB that complained because I had that one of Cheech throwing out the ceremonial pitch at an A's game, LOL. It's nice that NHL/OLN hasn't removed any of the hockey clips even though they could certainly complain, but I suppose they're being sensible and realising that it's not hurting them and possibly might be good as free advertising of a sort.

My eye is like, something out of a horror movie. It doesn't hurt and it's not swollen or anything, but umm... about a quarter of the white is covered with blood. And not like, red lines but like, a splotch of red. I showed Chip and he was horrified, and then he asked to see it three more times, and was horrified each time. I screamed inwardly when I saw myself in the mirror this morning. No more late nights. *shudder*

Sharks game! Meep!

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*hugs* did you throw up when you were sick? cause Ive burst a blood vessle in my eye doing that before and it sounds like what you're saying *pets*

I did! But that was 2 nights before... unless it takes a while to show up? I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it, it's pretty gruesome. *giggle*

no its pretty immediate for me *pets your eye* eek

Augh! Stop touching my eye! *giggle*

Eep! Something similar to that happened to my dad a couple of weeks ago. He got eyedrops from the doctor that cleared it up, but the doctor didn't ever tell him what it was.

I'm guessing it's like... an extreme case of bloodshot eyes, but it's really gruesome! I took a picture on my camera phone for posterity, haha. I shall gross Lira out the next time I see her.

could be stress or as frala said, a burst blood vessel. :( either way feel better soon!

ARUGH. our poor boys need to come home quick! and win a few more games...because this is getting depressing, we've let the oilers have there fun, now we need to get back to business!!!

My other theory was that I'm suffering a sympathetic injury because Milan's eye was injured. :P

I knooooooooow. I couldn't watch the end of the game even, eek!

Good Theory, poor guy! and the cheech's face got cleaned against the glass. ugh. cheap shots :(

AH LOL! I'm the same way! after the second period I couldn't watch, good thing to, I couldn't see them go downhill like that. :( My dad watched and then told me the score. arugh. :'(

So the series goes to at least 6 games. Good for fans of other teams to watch, not for us! *giggle*

got to agree with frala. esp. if you ate something hard to throw up, which is why i stick with ice cream and such stuff when i have the flu. *sigh*

Or maybe... I'm turning into one of those rage zombies from 28 Days Later! RAWR!!!

(Deleted comment)
Especially since it really had nothing to do with MLB at all. ;)

*hugs* Thanks. :)

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