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I got an email telling me that one of my video clips had been removed for copyright violation and it was the MLB that complained because I had that one of Cheech throwing out the ceremonial pitch at an A's game, LOL. It's nice that NHL/OLN hasn't removed any of the hockey clips even though they could certainly complain, but I suppose they're being sensible and realising that it's not hurting them and possibly might be good as free advertising of a sort.

My eye is like, something out of a horror movie. It doesn't hurt and it's not swollen or anything, but umm... about a quarter of the white is covered with blood. And not like, red lines but like, a splotch of red. I showed Chip and he was horrified, and then he asked to see it three more times, and was horrified each time. I screamed inwardly when I saw myself in the mirror this morning. No more late nights. *shudder*

Sharks game! Meep!
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