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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Milan Michalek

Sickly again. :(

So, I thought I was fine, but I kept waking up last night with my tummy in pain and threw up twice. Blurgh. I'm not sure whether it's something lingering from last week, or whether it's just another coincidental occurrence of... whatever. Blurgh, I say.

As I figured, the Oilers/Sharks games have been close and exciting and I would totally love this series if I was a fan of another team, but instead I sit around and worry. Argh, do we play again tomorrow? I can't take it. *clutches chest*

5-on-1 PK. It makes me cry.

And Milan is such a little trooper for coming back into the game. I was worried he'd be gone for the series or something. It really didn't help that my roommate was watching the game and gave a horrified gasp every single time they showed the replay of him getting hit.

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My poor heart can't take it either.

I'm a total sharks fan :D :D :D I love 'em...they played like crap the last game, but hey, we'll blame it on the first away game of the series, hopefully they'll fully kick some ass this time and keep it that way. :D go sharks!

(I love reading all of the previous articles and such you've posted, thanks :) )


Re: My poor heart can't take it either.

Hee, I'm glad you enjoyed. Mostly I post for the purpose of archiving so it's a plus when other people read and like it too! :)

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