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What else? Hockey!

I may have neglected to mention that Lira and I went to Game 4 and then went to Logitech Ice on tersa's birthday, when the Sharks very kindly clinched the series. *cheers*

But really, I'm just making this post to share a Marty screenshot and icon for joolzie.

If you or your alter ego would like to use those, feel free.

[Edit: I have Alfie screenshot and icon for frala too.


So wow! Somebody threw a semifinal series and no defense showed up. It was like watching Penguins vs Islanders or something. (I briefly considered Blackhawks vs Blues, but that would be an insult to the defense of those teams.) Sabres stole one there, no doubt setting up a 6-1 Senators victory for Game 2. ;)

I don't know why analysts continue to be stunned that the Ducks are playing well. Umm, of course they're playing well, dimwits, they've had an awesome record since they traded Petr away mid-January. They were down there in the toilet with the Sharks back then and both teams climbed up together, but the Sharks just get noticed more because of that Joe Thornton guy and that Indian kid who started scoring a lot of goals. :P
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